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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

On Scott Walkers Leadership 07 14 2015

On Scott Walkers Leadership 07 14 2015

So in his speech he said that no matter if you are sick... he will fight for you.  All of that is a lie. 

This is what he really did.  (Source  )

"Scott Walker:
  • Rolled back workers' rights in his state, and gutted funding for education and health care
  • Doesn't believe the minimum wage "serves a purpose"
  • Saw six of his associates be convicted, including one who embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from a veterans organization
  • Oversaw some of the worst job growth in the Midwest"


He is essentially doing what "money" is telling him to do.  A leader that is always doing what someone else is telling them to do isn't a leader! It contradicts the definition of leadership!

And when they become most dangerous is when they believe they actually have an idea of their own!If he wasn't doing what money was telling him to do he would never have accepted tens of millions of dollars in money.  And if he had not accepted tens of millions of dollars in money he would not be Governor!

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