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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A good sign of happiness as an adult is happiness as a child 07 19 2015

A good sign of happiness as an adult is happiness as a child 07 19 2015

A mean child isn't a happy child.

A happy child has no reason to be mean.

And boys will indeed be boys.  But there are certain things that a son of man knows crosses the line.  Like giving another kid drugs or sexual molestation and playing a sport with the intent of physically injuring someone.  A normal boy has his own human conscience that tells him "I don't want to push someone in the river."  A normal boy knows that his father works hard for his money and assumes that other fathers do to.  He is not going to shove someone's ice cream cone in their face or on the ground.  A normal boy abhors homosexuality.  A normal boy see's that girls are uncoordinated in sports and might even base his lifetime impression of their intelligence on that; whether accurate or not.  A normal boy has very little understanding of what a vagina is.  A normal boy can trust his own father!!!!  Can one say that a boy who cannot trust his own father is normal?  Wouldn't that be a horror!

I see two mixed race parents drinking what appears to be beer for breakfast and smacking their son  who looks a little Down's Syndrome like and immediately I think those two belong in the gas chamber.  Then upon reflection I think all three do.  It is how I think.  And perhaps it isn't even me.  What would my thoughts be if I were not bombarded with voices?  More along the lines of live and let live; freedom.  So indeed when one infringes upon my freedom as a human being it then comes right back to them!  If you can't live based on your own mind in a democracy you don't belong here?

Men pride themselves in being independent minded and resourceful.  And that is based on our memory of accomplishment from experience.  It doesn't belong to someone else.  It doesn't belong to the mentally defective.  You give a monkey a computer and teach it to type.  After you are dead their is no lasting benefit of your teachings!

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