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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Suicidal Government 07 18 2015

Suicidal Government 07 18 2015

It is like they are completely oblivious of the dangers of WW3 or polluted water or chemical toxicity.

And it is as if those are things they don't take seriously because they don't care if it happens to themselves; hence suicidal government.

But they lump a lot of things in that bucket because it exceeds their competence.  And that is what makes them a danger.

The biggest risk that those in power really face is the direct consequences to themselves of monopolizing the power structure.  But when that happens they just become more liberal?  Liberal as in forgiving themselves for their mistakes?  As in "I had a bad baby so everyone must keep a baby like that too!  Until indeed everyone is in the same dump as me?" "My daughter is gay so it is normal"  "Everyone else is doing it to be competitive so it is the right thing to do."  "If I put forth that governmental policy that person who I really want to like me at the health club won't anymore." 

They really don't have a consistent mind from one day to the next!  I believe that with every drink of alcohol they are easily influenced and flip flop.  And what does with that is a lot of spoiled wishful thinking.  And also what needs to happen is that they are always asking themselves what are the consequences if I am wrong.  But it doesn't happen!  They miss the majority of issues concerning a problem that a mature adult would catch.  But what happens when they finally realize they screwed up?  What does that epiphany do to them?  What is the summation of them never having to listen to the voice of reason once in their lives and learn from it?

It is almost as if it is being run by an animal tribe.  Whereby the one who pounds their chest the most at the current moment sways the lack of capacity for reason coupled with weak willed emotions of the shrewdness their way.  And when one falters another knows it is his turn to pound his chest so that the rest feel secure with themselves.  But the problem is that an imbecile should never be made to feel secure about itself.  And also a political candidate should never be pumped up to believe he is something he really isn't.  As in "Go get'em Rock!"

How much time has the media focused on War?  Seems like that is all they talk about or want to talk about for about the last 24 years!  You never hear one of those goons ask the other on television, "What does the United States have to do to peacefully bring peace to the entire world."  Again beyond the comprehension of the mentally defective from fetal alcohol syndrome.  And it is very apparent that some have very strong verbal manipulative IQ but low intelligence.  That needs to get weeded out of the power structure.


Those drinkers and drunks should have never been given jobs!  Those jobs were not a gift from any God I have read of!  So indeed they were a gift from the Devil!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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