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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Jews Penis or May His day’s be Numbered 10 04 2012

A Jews Penis or May his day’s be Numbered 10 04 2012

So England was Druid central and the Roman soldiers then became Druids too.  How do we know this?  Why else did they immobilize and stick Jesus Christ in the chest with a spear like the Druids did to victims?
Who needs to harm someone else in order to have a future themselves?
It is someone who cannot compete with human beings!
Then you have the Roman Emperor Caligula immobilizing men and biting off their testicles.
And what of all the modern jokes regarding a Jews Penis?  Isn’t enough enough?  What does this tell us of Jews?  They are victims of the Druid Race!  It is not like a Jewish father say’s to his son, “I am molesting your penis to decrease blood flow to it?”  No real father would ever do that to a son.
Pengally was indeed a favorite game of the Romans- naked wrestling where one man’s wrestles another into submission by sexually molesting him.  One can only wonder what type of crowd would be invigorated by that.  What those wrestles did not know was that some of those men who wrestled were indeed demonically possessed by woman and therefore stronger.  (Note to self write article about the Whigs and demonic possession by women.)
So back to the Romans.  I once heard an Italian in prison interviewed on Oprah tell of how he molested a boy or woman and saw their whole life flash before his eyes.  That is the druid belief but without killing a person.  I believe if you end the future of a male’s lineage by emasculating or sexually disfiguring him you should get the death penalty.  (Same goes for women.  But women often become sterile from being promiscuous.  Hence the Catholic Church’s belief in pro life.  Think of it this way they made a whore out of that little girl all her life and when she gets older she is sterile and pissed.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned- so they have to have babies for her to adopt, less face her wrath.
The Druids would sacrifice someone in a clearing in the forest by driving a knife into their chest and believing to divine the future from it.  So much for the fair nature of college and professional sports.
Did the Roman Emperor Caligula figure out he could achieve the same results by emasculating a male? Is that the hidden legacy of the Roman Catholic Church and current priest molestation of boy’s.  It sure fits doesn’t it!  And when that priest or so forth emasculates a boy in trauma can he control that child’s mind to be something he/she was not naturally meant to be?  If can see that whole life story he sure can. 
Is this also the basis for boys being molested in the Boy Scouts, out in the forest like Druids?
What is all this behavior?  It is the behavior of those that are so jealous at the skills and accomplishments of human beings that the only way they can compete with them is to gang up and kill them.
It is like cave men walking among us and waiting for an opportunity to take a human being victim.  There is a phrase in the Bible that is very telling.  For those of you who do not know what a tell is it is something you see in a poker game that tells you how to win the hand.  “Let his days be few.”  It amounts to the corruption of the Bible and our World History.  Jesus was a good man so who would ever say this about him, “Let his day’s be few?”  I do not have to write a personality profile for you to get the picture.  It could only be those with the cave man druid mind that divined his future for themselves.  Baloney- they did not become him!!!  The Bible alludes to this belief with the third face of the resurrected person being that of Jesus Christ.  Who did the faces of the first and second belong to?  They didn’t become him if they did history would not have the free for all dark ages.
So here is psychological term you will never ever hear- the primary delusion of the Satanic believing that they can become someone else.  Interestingly enough I heard a man with an Italian name telling how the United States military goal with regard to treating brain injured and traumatic soldiers is to try and give them all that one same mind.  They never get anything right do they?  After 2000 years they are still delusional selves that seek to maintain that delusion of self.  It is really just a self serving comment used to justify destroying and killing those they were insanely jealous of.
A second reason Israel fell was because the San Hadron officially adopted this druid belief.  It is very apparent in the language and Gospel of Nicodemus.  After they crucified Christ the Jew, the good man who did not want Rome to invade Israel, they said something like, “Let this serve as the example for Israel to follow.”  Then in the Gospel of Nicodemus you see how the son of a San Hadron who was temporarily imprinted with the mind of Jesus Christ pretends to believe he is Jesus Christ and tucks his father in his bed.
Jesus was rightfully accused of apocalyptic preaching.  But they should have listened to him and not instead tortured him to death, because post his death the Dark Ages, a form of Apocalypse, followed!  He was no Chicken Little.  That was one of their favorite childhood stories to jamb in our heads in Catholic School.
Continuing on with the Satanic Construct.  They became imprinted and dependent upon his mind and thinking so much that they believed themselves to be just as good as him?  Then what happens?  You raise a child and contrary to your belief children do need to be trained at how to be human….you raise a child dependent upon the mind of Jesus Christ and in order to make that child happy you tell him that he is indeed  better than Jesus Christ. (What is all of this like?  It is like apes lurking among humans and trying to figure them out by capturing and killing one.  Does alcohol lead to an oxygen deprived fetus?) Then what happens in our modern world?  In order to maintain the beliefs that your satanic child is a God and not a spoiled useless brat you have to create more and more victims of soul theft.  Why?  Because if it is not just one victim like Jesus Christ was, but many, it seems to you like you are a higher class or an ivy league?  If you can create more victims you can indeed elevate your opinion of yourself as being something of a higher power?
Do you find Ivy in the clearings of Druid sacrificial forests?
Jesus is central to the Bible and in Catholic School we were taught that Jews did not believe in him.  Who would not believe in someone that would martyr themselves to expose the Satanic Druids?
Jewish men with all the jokes about you, you will like this one, “May those who seek to end the future lineage of a family line via emasculation face death!”
The San Hadron said, “This will be the greatest thing for the nation of Israel.”  With regard to the delusional psychological construct.  Who the h311 were they trying to fool!  Only themselves.  After Christ was tortured and executed Israel fell to ROME!  Your claim of greatness lasted a half second.  It reads like the highway patrolman that gets run over as he’s handing out a ticket.
The earliest Jewish Settlements were where Israelites?  Italy! Wine growers and oxygen deprived blue faced monkey fetus’s right?
So the wealthy Jews sided with Rome and Jesus was concurred.  Why did they side with ROME?    Because they didn’t want the risk of being crucified?  Jews you should have fought to the death then and during WWII also.
We hear everyone praise the nation of Israel today, it is the pride of the Jews.  If you are so proud of it today why did you not fight the Romans to the death of it and side with Jesus Christ?
But there is nothing to fight for when you take an opposite side to your Elohim!
1.       He’s dead on the cross- you become despondent.
Or the other extreme
2.        He is putting you in the gas chambers you also become despondent.
I once saw a Jewish boxer on the sports channel who said his religion did not promote violence so he could not knock someone out.  The ancient Jews were warriors.  I wonder if they were more like Jesus Christ than our modern Jews.  The ancient Hebrews believed in Creationism as did Jesus Christ.  I also wonder if the Egyptian incident (Wrote about it in the real meaning of Passover article.) didn’t change them for the worse.
When you don’t value human rights it changes you for the worse.  And it is not a fair world, sometimes you have to fight and risk death to maintain these human rights.
Welcome to the United States!
Israel, you had nothing worth fighting to the death for about your civilization when the Romans invaded?  You were not abhorred by crucifixion to the point where you would slaughter those who promoted it and came into your town?
Jesus also made some comment regarding tearing down the Temple of David?  It took years to build??  Jesus was right about this one too and Israel of the Jews was gone to the Romans upon his death!
Okay why do I write this?  Your Jewish Grandmother who hears voices in her head is a victim of the Druid race.  She does not have a disease at all!  She is the victim of Hansel and Gretel griffins that drive people out of their souls for wealth.  There is no such thing as Schizophrenia.
I have wondered if Hitler was a Schizophrenic.  If Hitler was he did not see the whole picture.  His relatives in Germany might have been schizophrenic and he was ashamed of them.  What can I say some gal I dated tried to convince me that Adolph had Schizophrenia.  If Hitler really had schizophrenia or knew the full story he would have honored his (Jewish) roots or family for their suffering.  Hitler was likely hatred controlled by hatred.  Druids?  (Tesla/Marconi/Papal Druid weapons.  Yes they did exist long before WWII.)  (Hitler may have even been mind controlled by the United States, I have written an article about that too.)
There is no real disease of Schizophrenia it is really the Druid race trying to be someone else rather than raise and develop their own children.  Is the Head Start children’s movement part of this satanic effort?
They can easily turn children to be evil by first harming them and then promoting that they harm others instead of being harmed again themselves.  Many children are indoctrinated into the Druid Occult in this way.
Side with us or get on the cross. Side with us or get in the Gas Chamber.  Side with us or I do something bad to you again boyee.  Makes you sick doesn’t it?
When I was a boy I could never understand why it wasn’t U.S. policy to kill a genocidal dictator.  This is one of those questions I asked as a boy in school.  The answer being some Irish blarney by my weak minded 8th grade teacher.
I will stand by what I thought as a child.  The proudest thing a person could do is put a bullet through the head of a genocidal dictator.  But what if he is killing Druids who have committed the crime against humanity of sexually disfiguring people in order to steal their souls?

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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