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Friday, October 12, 2012

German Americans and WWII 10 12 2012

German Americans and WWII 10 12 2012

Axis forces did not bomb the United States until after 2 SS men interviewed Nikolas Tesla in the U.S. and he was found dead two days later.  SS men could not have moved freely in the U.S. if we were at war with Germany.
If you wanted to know who might have participated in the orchestrated genocide in Nazi Germany you could do some research and see who Nikolas Tesla’s wealthy friends were!
Nikolas Tesla indeed had the technology to artificially induce people hearing voices in their heads.  That is indeed the largest medical fraud in world history.
I can tell you very little generalities about who would do this to someone else other than.
1.        They are very mean spirited.
2.       They have facial expressions or features that might be considered feral.  And I don’t even like to say that.

I will tell you something about Satan however and it is this, the satanic do not think for themselves and never have.  It is just like how Jesus Christ, a Jew, described them to be in the Bible.  If you have been labeled schizophrenic you already know that people have been mean to you; now you know why!
Every bully in grade school is likely to be a satanic person that does not have the ability to think for themselves.  They are dependent minded.

I have a strong hunch that being Satanic is a congenital defect relating to alcohol!  I live in a wealthy suburb of Milwaukee.  I can tell you a few things that are true about Milwaukee.

1.        It has a large number of large brick mansions.
2.       It has a large percent of German immigrants.  (He who has no children raises many is indeed a German phrase.  And that HE is one that is labeled schizophrenic.
3.       Milwaukee is the Beer Capital of the world and a lot of the wealth here was derived from that industry.
Are you starting to see who the pieces of the puzzle might fit together?
Now in order to support my theory I had to find glossed over or cryptic evidence in the Bible with regard to Jesus Chirst, a Jews, opinion and stance on Alcohol.  And let me tell you that there is a lot of evidence against alcohol in the Bible!  A lot!  I will not site it hear other than to say that you have to include reference to wine and vines and rotten fruit and luxuria and so and so, you get the idea.  I do intend to site chapter and verse someday, but someone else could really help if they were to do this and publish it.
If you think of the world as having two religions that branched out Muslim and Judea/Christian,, you will find that Muslims abhorred alcohol but what you will also find out is that the Bible does too!
And lastly, were the Nazi scientists that were repatriated into the U.S. really U.S. spy’s or special operations agents sent to Germany to wreak havoc all along?  There was once a video narrated by Roger Moore the James Bond actor and it showed these repatriated Nazi Scientists- one looked exactly like George Bush senior!  We need to know who these scientists were.
The U.S. was both:
1.        Building up for the war in Germany.
2.       Denying Jews immigration to the U.S. at the same time!
Your psychiatric diagnostic manual is written in legalese by a German Chemical company that rose out of the ashes of Nazi Germany.  Was it one that worked on the development or creation of killing gas?
But if the U.S. put operatives in Germany to create a mad man why did they do it?  (And listen for all the diagnostic manuals no one can explain his behavior! )  What would be the motivation to create such a mad man?  The stock market was indeed a Dutch East Indies Corporation!  Dutch provinces are essentially the same region and peoples as Germans.  Dutch = German. 
Possible motivation to send U.S. operatives to Germany pre WWII?  1929 was the stock market crash in the United States.   The aftermath of it sent the United States into the Great Depression!  It is a little known fact that in order to be employed as someone that controls prices on the New York Stock exchange you have to be born into that family!  The official word for the controllers of price action is Specialist.  You had to have been born in Dutch (German) East Indies Corporation family to be a Specialist.  Who were the early corporations in world history?  They were essentially pirates hired by the Government and granted limited liability.
Contrary to what you want to believe there are great winners of money in a stock market crash!  Jesse Livermore was one- he was found dead much like Nikolas Tesla!  (There is a reference to induced schizophrenia and soul theft in one of his old books.  When he finally gets to the heart of how he made the money he talks about (A TUNNEL THROUGH THE AIR).  Those words are in all caps in the middle of the book somewhere in the middle of a paragraph!  But the question becomes did the money made in the stock market crash find its way into Dutch or German hands?
I am implying the U.S. sent operatives to stir up things in Germany by any means possible, including Tesla/Marconi weaponry in retaliation for the Dutch Germany stock market controlled crash in the U.S.  But you also have to take into account who benefits?  And that is also the Military industrial complex and that military industrial complex gave rise to the pharmaceutical business.  Some of them do more harm to you and you know it.  You also might believe that if you gave up alcohol and tobacco you wouldn’t even need any of those.

So you have got it good in life and you have a nice home – who cares right?  Maybe I care more about those 6 million dead Jews than you do!!!!
Why do I write this?  My family is not one of these wealthy Milwaukee families.  So I have nothing to hide.  I have no money stashed in Swiss accounts.
1.        I know for a fact that schizophrenia is medical fraud created by the Satanic.
2.       I believe in human rights, fairness and a better world.
3.       I believe alcohol creates the satanic mind.
4.       I know the voices can silence themselves if they want to.  I also know that through attrition they can get people to do things against their best interest.
5.       I have seen so many mean spirited people in this country and know that the future of the world will be compromise because of them.
6.       I know that the Satanic live off the product of my soul to my exclusion!
7.       Good people have a right to have a life for themselves too!  That is what the Constitution of the U.S. is about.  (ps  Is the current form of the Stock Market a legacy threat to our Constitution from an ancient Dutch/German company?)
8.       I know that there are very few people like me who have the ability to endure and survive this evil and tell about it!  Believe it or not the criminal minded believe that those who are honest are to be respected and those who lie  (I.e. themselves) do not deserve honor!  So tell your stories of mean people and don’t be ashamed to do so!  I am fortunate that I came from loving parents who were teachers.  I have always found evil people to be incomprehensible so therefore I have sought to understand them.  Why?  To prevent horror!
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

Part II
This is what I believe about myself.  If you were to compare Jesus, a Jew, to the Satanic that did not have a soul you would have to say that Jesus isn’t the one who had something wrong with him!
So then you analyze the nature of the comparison and ask yourself why did the others have something wrong with them?  Then you fast forward the concept, applying it throughout history to modern America.  And what will you find out?  This archetype of understanding of the nature of good versus evil from a psychological perspective has been a valid influence or cause of change throughout world history.   You will find the symbolism of the behavior of the dependent minded in many literary works.  And the Satanic seek to destroy the good people of this world and they are very adept at doing so.
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