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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two and Two Together 10 10 2012

Two and Two Together 10 10 2012

1. First Christopher Columbus mentioned how easily the Indians could be manipulated because of their good nature.
2. Then we gave them alcohol and tobacco out of "Friendship"
3.  Then Tom Sawyer got you Americans to paint his fence for him by getting you to pay for alcohol and tobacco.
4.  Then you look around and claim that you are not as good as someone else so they therefore must be different?  Don't blame that other single person for all your problems.  He may indeed be the only one that has not been tainted!!!!!

Conclusion:  The American Public is indeed manipulated by Alcohol and Tobacco just like the Native Americans were.

What is next?  They change the Constitution to sidetrack those who would seek to ban alcohol and tobacco?  How would that new Constitution read?  You must have at least one drink of alcohol per day and at least 10 cigarettes per day in order to be an American?

Tainted is a Very Good Word we should start hearing more of with regard to bad agendas!  And mark my words you will hear the bad side using it before the good side does; in order to defeat the meaning and spirit of the concept.  (It is just like the misuse of Tea Party.)

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