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Monday, October 15, 2012

Is the Lutheran belief used by Lutherans to justify taking their own life 10 15 2012

Is the Lutheran belief used by Lutherans to justify taking their own life?
What is the subtle difference between the Lutheran belief versus other religious beliefs?  It is that it doesn’t matter what you do in life as long as at the time of your death you asked to be saved.  What is the focus of this belief?  The End!  Terminus!  If this is what a person were taught to believe why would they take personal responsibility for anything in their lives?  Why would they try and learn for themselves?  Nothing matter as long as at the end of your life you asked to be saved.
The question then arises, “Why didn’t religious scholars have a fit about this?”  It is how many centuries later and it is quite plain to me that this is a false belief system that creates a miserable loser mentality.
What does a Lutheran do?  Wake up in the morning and say to themselves, “I do not have to be responsible for my behavior in any manner because it does not matter until I die?”
Okay after so many years of being a freeloader what does a person like that realize about themselves?  They have a horrific epiphany that they were lead down the wrong trail!  They see the accomplishments of others and ask themselves why they did not try like that other person?  The answer as to why is in your false religious belief, that nothing matters until the end.
That is like living your life a little brat into old age and begging for the present at the Christmas of your salvation- when you know for a fact you are going to die!  God isn’t going to reward you for that!  God is God of creation because he made everything.  Do you think he is going to reward a sloth? 
That Lutheran belief does indeed promote the seven deadly sins doesn’t it!
The reason that other religions scholars did not find a problem with this is because they were of the same defeatist principle in life.  It comes from not being forced to try and accomplish something and facing the frustration of failure and then taking heart in little successes.
I find it very interesting that modern religions rose out of the death of Jesus Christ.  In that 2000 years after his death many of them turned out to be the indoctrinations of Kings.  And a King is someone who was silver spoon fed and never had to think for themselves.  What indeed would a King do if he became jealous of the accomplishments of other people?  He would likely throw them in his dungeon.  He might even get so angry that he bans books altogether.  Or he might be of the evil dependent mind where he decides what everyone else should do in life- communism; that is between licks of his silver spoon.
What is my point with regard to having a negative attitude toward religion?  It is that schizophrenia is an illness fabricated by the satanic minded.  All religion should be taxed.
So what does the person who was dependent minded all his life do when he becomes older?  They do not kill themselves; instead they steal the souls of human beings.  It can’t be there fault right?  It has to be someone else’s fault! And up on that cross he goes, right? They absolutely hate people of true intelligence that were raised by parents that loved them.  And what is it in our society that fosters this hatred towards people?  I believe it is two things.
1.       False belief systems of religion that lead to irresponsible choices in life.
2.       Substance abuse and its impact on human development.
Jesus Christ was said to be able to see when Satan entered a person.  Follow the logic here.  He knew that Satan had no soul.  How could he know that another person did not have a soul?  They only way a person knows that other people do not have their own human soul is if they are dunning him or her from his or her soul by making them hear voices in their head.
So you do not have your own human soul and are dependent minded?  I believe in your rights as a human being as much as the next person.  But I do not believe that you have the right to deny other people the right to their Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness as guaranteed in our Constitution.  You create a miserable and irresponsible world for everyone when you do.
So once again if you compare Jesus Christ a Jew with those who are soulless and defined in the Bible as Satan you have to come up with the conclusion that Jesus Christ is the one that did not have anything wrong with him and the are the ones that did.  That is the exact opposite of our modern belief system though.  I don’t like to point the finger too much other than to say, “Who is it that indoctrinates the belief that Jesus Christ, a Jew, was not our Savior?”  Is it a people who have something that they need to hide about themselves in shame? 
I believe that the dependent minded are created through nurture and nature.  Nature being alcohol as the negative influence  upon conception and human development.  And nurture being born into a family or group religion that has a negative belief system for themselves derived from tradition and supported by the world’s religions.  So you don’t believe in yourself as a person.  At least give your child a chance by not drinking when you plan on having children or in their first few years of life.  As a matter of fact…why don’t you give it up all together.  Our Constitution is there to protect us and this is one of those things called a poison that needs to be banned.  It might take some time to like yourself without having the influence of a self escape substance such as Alcohol but you will be a much happier person at the Terminus of your life.  You will also live a longer and more productive life.  And just because you do not like yourself does not mean that you do not have to believe in your children’s own potential either.  Don’t project your own negative beliefs on your children.  The best thing that you could ever do for your children is give up alcohol long before conception.
With regard to the Lutheran religion; how many people follow this religion only to believe it is too late at some point in their life to be the person they wanted to be?  This is indeed why our Lord also told us not to worship false idols.  But when I was growing up I cannot tell you how many children loved to mention the names of famous people like they should be worshipped as Gods.  I looked at those same people and could readily see that they did indeed have characteristics or traits that I did not want to have.   A child needs to be a fan of a person for just the one thing that they are famous for and not of the whole person.  Why?  Because you want to learn how to do what another person does well you don’t want to learn how to be that person.  The child that grows up wanting to be another person develops the personality where they become so jealous of others that they would seek to wear their human skin. (Reference to Germans of the Nazi variety.)
So what did Martin Luther say?  I know that your religion is bad so I am going to create my own bad religion to counter yours?  He was indeed of that belief.  The truth is that we don’t need and the world will not tolerate any bad religion.  And what is the real religion of the United States?  It is Limited Liability for your actions.  It is the exact opposite of responsibility.
Maybe I shouldn’t have written this because it does indeed promote principals that will create a much more truly competitive world?  But maybe that world will indeed have less what we can generalize as unsportsmanlike conduct?  You would not see the positive effects on your family for many, many years.  So it is likely to be something you are not capable of considering or adhering to with regard to self discipline.
What is the exact opposite of that Lutheran principal is embodied in the following phrase, “It does matter what I do in my life.”  Lutherans need something more to believe in than that.  But in order to believe in something different you indeed negate your own religion.  And when you negate your own religion it means it was never really a religion in the first place?  A real religion does not change its beliefs because its beliefs are always true.  At least that is the nature of what religion should be.  Anything less and we are really fooling ourselves as to our beliefs?  Religion and your belief in God should be a constant not like the ever changing alibi of someone we know from their ever changing alibi is guilty!  Let’s see, you have just been caught holding a bag of other people’s money and ideas what do you have to say in your defense soulless one?
Why do I write this?  I really do believe in all people even those of you whom I know do not believe in yourselves. 
If you apply a tiny dab of Zinc Oxide to one side of a cotton ball and stick it in your ear with the Z/O on the outside you have effectively created a faraday shield that diminishes the ability of the Voices you hear as a schizophrenic to influence your thought process.  What is the only reason as to why this works?  Because they are created by the use of non-lethal electronic weaponry by the modern soulless of our world.  A faraday cage indeed filters out radio waves of the magnetic spectrum.  Marconi was an Italian fascist during World War II he is credited with manipulating magnetic waves to create the modern radio.  Colonel John Alexander of the Department of Defense admitted more than 20 years ago that the Department of Defense had created the means to make people hear voices in their head.  It goes back much further than that however- think Nazi Germany and you get the idea of this form of hatred.
You can’t steal others skills for yourself you only deprive them of theirs in a boost for your satanic self confidence.  That is no way to learn or teach.  And it is not a belief that sustains human life on earth.
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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