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Friday, October 19, 2012

Are Protestants really the Essene Jews 10 19 2012

It does fit.  The Protestant faith being an offshoot of the Kings Religion.  The Kings religion being, "I am the King I can put you in my dungeon and do what I like to you."  Which is indeed the equivalent of the Essene Jews religion of raising children via the teachings of an evil master juxtaposed to a exiled (reads imprisoned) priest (reads whoever they could imprison).

The Kings religion would be very similar to the Essene faith but it would be a more exclusive faith.  Ie only the kings friends would be able to torment the prisoner and not all the brood of the tribe as the Essenes did.  And the Essene method is one step better or worse than a small group of female monkey's raising all the brood of the monkey tribe.

If the Essene's were said to have been completely wiped out, decimated, then it would make sense that the religion did indeed transform into the isolated dungeon of a Kings Religion.  For those of you who do not know your history there were a great many kings with castles all across Europe.  If you owned a lot of land you had a Castle and were a King of that territory.  They tried that in the United States for awhile it was done on what is called a plantation and a plantation did indeed have many slaves.  They did not brutally beat the slaves just to keep them from escaping they also did it because it replenished their hollow and sick souls.

What is a matter with a mother and father being responsible and raising their own children with....LOVE and not psychotic hatred?

Am I the only one in the world who see's that some children are raised with psychotic hatred or is it just because I was raised and live in the Whitefish Bay Wisconsin?

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