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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bomb Threats in Wisconsin Schools Father Lawrence Murphy in Milwaukee and Abuse in Ireland 10 03 2012

This is a Fascist assault on the Irish Soul.

The trail of Abuse in Ireland leads back to a cover up that is at the highest ranks of the Catholic Church in Rome.

Does it have to do with an infiltration of Satanic Priests with a Druid family legacy from England and Rome.

If you remember your history Rome concurred the Druids in the Island of England.  The Druids tortured people to death in the woods.  Rome however was much worse.  And indeed one cannot argue that the soldier sticking his knife or spear into the side of Jesus Christ is the exact same act of Satanic Horror as the Druid in the ancient forests of England sticking a knife in a mans belly and viewing their life's story and the praise of that persons Gods while they watch their twitching face die.

Gee who would ever think of doing something like that?  You ask.  You were raised by good and well educated parents so you can't figure it out or accept it as a truth.  It is like the Native American Indians watching the predecessors to slave ships coming to the shore of America and not being able to comprehend what they are.  And because you can not figure it out it makes you a likely naive victim of soul theft by the Satanic race. You are also likely to be bullied is school by those who are dependent minded to you for that very reason.

And when you are incited to commit acts of violence you will involuntary be put on medicine and your soul theft will be complete.  Do not be ashamed for speaking up for yourself and your rights if you are being picked on.

Our educational dollars are completely wasted on the Satanic minded.  1. They do not learn for themselves.  2. They prevent others from learning.  3. They apply what they know to prevent others from learning and also they maintain a system that hides their identity in our society.  4.  They would like our educational system to be for profit or a business model.  Our children are not part of a business.  The Satanic's are but hopefully you do not consider yours to be.  5.  The first thing the Satanic do when they get to college is haze the well studied and good student out of his/her mind. 

When they leave college and enter the business world they have absolutely no concept of what their profession is supposed to be.  And as such they subvert it and inadvertently ruin professions.  And when they are all done doing that they cry foul and say that they have too much government.  Then they want smaller government.  Then they cannot compete with corporate America and they want tax breaks.  Then they fuel corporate America with ideas that their fur ears hear.  They will not support you in any way whatsoever.

Members of the Satanic race who live off of the souls of others should be evicted from the United States of America.  Neither they nor their families that support them belong in our communities.  And they are common in all religions.

When you are older they will use synthetic telepathy developed by the Department of Defense to preclude you or actively deny you from using your own Apple Pie American Mind.  You will be labeled schizophrenic while you watch the spoiled filth of this earth enjoy the good life you worked so hard for.  You will watch the feeble minded Satanic who are not as smart as you take foreign vacation after foreign vacation all paid for with your future, that you earned.

And you will be subversively denied Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness that are guaranteed to you in this country by our  very government that is sworn to uphold those values.

If you don't believe me and you are being picked on as you sit in class think of something dirty while you are taking a very hard and serious test and look around the room to see who cannot help but grin.  You have just figured out that you are an Elohim.  It is the secret name of God in Israel.  They were never to mention that name or other name just as you are not to know to look around the class room in the prior example.  You might be surprised to find out that you have always been a C student but their are those in that classroom who were A students that lived off of your mind.  Doesn't sound fair does it?

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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  1. PS my fathers brother my Uncle was also named Larry Murphy. Not the same one. Do you know what my father said about his younger brother Larry? "You don't know how many times he screwed me."