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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Toss Me Another Round Rotten Fruit 10 18 2012

Toss Me Another Round Rotten Fruit 10 18 2012
Monkey doesn’t like all that thinking she just likes to sit in the tree and pounce!
The Essene’s were Primate Equivalents!  They learned how to think like a human being by capturing and making prisoners of human beings.
All of their thinking is reactionary to the thinking of one person- an Elohim or Living God.
They do not look out for the common good because success to them is a matter of talking reflective to the thoughts of their prisoner!  And it is not constructive nor visionary it can’t be because their personas are based on mockery, it is more like “Hit that person on the head with the cow bone” and “Toss me that round rotten fruit to eat!”
You will not be able to be respected by them or earn a living in their presence.
A monkey lets out a high pitched laugh before they all do the same and attack- attack a human being to destroy or take as prisoner.
They do not like human thought because it is a contradiction to their very being!  It is a contradiction to every fiber of their self esteem!  Why?  They were raised to mock human thought in order to survive!
Hearing voices does indeed mean that your human thoughts are being mocked by a primate of either white or black skin.  And they do it in order to be successful.
A race of people like this is the antithesis of civilization and the ability to sustain any form of life.
I had a friend in High School.  His father was a rich oil salesmen.  By mid morning he was passed out as he lay with his butt hanging off his bed with a bottle of clear Vodka in his hand.  This friend once had part of his fishing rod break and I told him how to fix it by making a winding and using epoxy.  He did not know that he was supposed to mix the epoxy first!  I didn’t tell him to I assumed every boy knew that by the time they were 10 years old.  And further more his father worked for an oil company.  Many chemicals and products are indeed synthesized from oil.  You would have thought his father might have known or their might have been father son interaction.
The nature of the modern human/primate is analogous to waiting in a tree and pouncing on any human thought on the path below; in order to destroy it so the primitive can sit mindless in the tree again!
They don’t respect human life or the future needs of human life because they are not.
What does the Bible tell us about primates?  “You eat that rotten fermented apple and you and your offspring  are leaving!!!!”  Rings true as the word of God doesn’t it?
If you look at everything that I believed in life you would see it was always in favor of the human being- no matter if black, white, red or tan.
Let’s see, they at the fermented apple and then what did God have to command them not to do?  “Thou shall not eat the flesh with the life blood still in it.”  There are the kinds of things we have to tell; what the Book of Revelation terms THE MISERABLE ONES WHO ARE STILL WITH US!
To be human means that you live in God’s image.  How can Adam and Eve be the first humans when they were cursed by God?  God in this case was likely a village elder or father and disobeying him meant not to live in his image.
If the only distinction between human and God is that the first humans failed to live in God’s image and were evicted it means God is really what we would consider to be human?  How can God kick someone out of a Garden if he is not present?  The Bible does not say he picked them up and set them down somewhere else!  He told them to leave and they did!
So if God is what really consider to be human than…
This is confirmed and validated by the Bible as Adam was created in God’s image.  Image?  Image?  Does it really mean he was created as rotten fruit baboons caught and tortured as a human being?
The voices a schizo hears are exactly like baboon utterances!
In monkey tribes the offspring are raised by a small group of women.  This transformed in world history into the Jewish Essene religion of children being raised in a group by and evil master juxtaposed against an exiled priest.
That exiled priest is you today, schizo!  The voices you here are from primate women among us.
So why do the women do this?  Because they do not trust their husbands to raise the children!  Never need mention that it was the women who raised the children to become adult chimps!  So indeed the women raised males that could not be trusted in a vicious circle of mal development.  What happens in modern life when a primate/human woman marries a man?  She does not trust him to raise her children!  Why did she ever marry him one might ask?  Probably because everyone else would quickly turn tail when they found out about her true nature.  She does not trust him to raise her children nor does he have the ability to support her!  So what does she do?  She drives the soul of a man whom she was imprinted with; Ie. The archetype of the Exiled Priest of the Jewish Essene religion.  She believes that because she grew up to be what she thought was part of that soul and thinking that she can displace it and put it in any male she chooses to marry!  And that is the source of the voices you hear.
Can you imagine a little girl who was raised on the soul of a man?  What does she do when she becomes of the age to marry someone?  She only knows one thing!  She goes and duns or taps that soul for its soul so that her male can bring her money.  Then she has a child and tries to put the soul of the man in it too.
It is very interesting there was a man with an Italian name from our military on the radio saying that his goal with regard to rejuvenating head injury veterans was to put the same soul in each of them?  Sound like a dark and inhumane concept with evil technology?  You bet and what happens?  This race that lives of the dreams of other people is irresponsible because of it and only creates more conflict and war and head injuries.
He learns the jobs skills just enough to insult anyone who tries to challenge his credibility.  And she has gotten her husband out of the house because she couldn’t stand him in the first place.  He sits at work like a monkey in the rain and furthers no profession whatsoever.
When there is no ozone layer you will no longer have water and you will have your desired “Dry” fruit world.
And there is no God that will save you because you did not create man to be in his image did you!  If you had truly complied with being in the image of God you would not have disobeyed him and been kicked out of the Garden of Eden in the first place!
When one religious text condemns all the members of another religion to death they are stereotyping this bad baboon like behavior to the whole class of religion in error.  You see the voice of God do this in the Bible and in Islam.  That person is really pissed because he feels that whole tribe is of the same evil nature; those who make others hear voices and drive them from their souls.  And indeed if you had a group of women writing the text that is indeed how they would craft it!  To turn one man against another.  They do not trust men because the first thing a primitive ape will do is kill all the babies of a tribe he conquests.  Why does he do this? Probably because he could not stand being raised the way he was!  And maybe indeed he resented the women when he was raised.  Not only that when he is older he figures out that the baboons are now chanting to him to drive him from his mind to raise the group of children.  No one can figure out that motive can they?  No one will ever claim that there was something that incited that violence.
Yeah I know it is terrible that I am talking about apes and people in the same text.  Look at the crime and state of neglect in the world and you will see it is indeed a valid comparison. 
Can you imagine if you lived with just one monkey father and mother and an ape tribe like that moved in?  You could never conceive of that evil!
With regard to the women who chant men out of their minds and in our modern era augment it with non-lethal weapons technology.  She knows that her husband or mate is worthless or she would not be bothering you or me for our souls and making us hear voices!  Hey buddy I agree with her wholeheartedly- I think your worthless too!
They are not taught to respect human thought, they are taught to wait for it, pounce on it, mock it and destroy it?  They resent it because of their mother!  They resent it like the lone ape come back to take over the tribe and destroy its young.  They resent human thought because they are not capable of independent human thought because their minds and exceptional verbal ability was imprinted with the soul of a demonized and tortured human being.  At a certain age they resent it because they realized they never needed to be raised in this manner.  How?  They come to learn enough about how one made what looks hard easy and they hate themselves because they did not have the self discipline to learn for themselves.
All that primate wants to do in life is silence human thought so that he can sit in the tree and not have to think.  Are you beginning to see why he/she resents human thought?  The lack of it is becoming very apparent in our modern world.
God destroyed many people for this very reason.  And if you want to think of God as a natural process that balances itself by acts of cataclysm when…  The Bible tells of the Great Flood.  It also tells of Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed for Luxuria?  Could not luxuria indeed mean the use of alcohol and its effect in creating dis-evolved offspring?  We are seeing great change in our environment today.  What is the reason?  Those who populate our workforce indeed do not have their own souls so they bear no concern for others; they just want all that thinking to be over and done because they resent it.  Indeed every time they tried to take the initiative to think for themselves they were beaten down.  They way they got around this was by giving themselves limited liability in the workplace.  This negligence is quickly catching up with the world.

Not only can they not stand human thought they also cannot stand the working human?  Why not?  Because to work means to think.  They never learned how to think for themselves; it was spooked into them against their will as children.  As adults they hate that working mind because they realize it is the exact opposite of theirs.  They realize that they learned from that working mind and it is the greatest threat to their great delusion of self they will ever experience.  So where did the great American manufacturing workforce go?  They are all disabled and victims.  They are the people the Republican Party publicly stated they don’t care about.  They are 47 percent of the United States population.
Sure employers could have said, “I will be certain to provide a working environment that is not a health risk to you.”  But instead all of those jobs went overseas where they do not have to comply with the Constitution of the United States.  Your rights as a worker are indeed guaranteed in our Constitution.
What else did the tribal men and women do because they could not stand thinking?  They made the highest paid jobs in the United States in Professional Sports.  But you still need to think in professional sports. So what is the Baboons solution?  Enter the Jerry Sandusky Tribe.
These women realized that their men would not be happy in office jobs so they indeed made sure there were professional sports jobs paying millions for them.  But the problem is that they were not even smart enough to play professional sports.  So enter the chanting Baboon and the rate of Schizophrenia doubling because of her in less than a decade.  I look at the professional sports announcers and say to myself, “They belong on a plow chain!” And indeed they think the same thing of themselves.  And what do the four monkey’s mockery in response, “Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no Evil, Do no Evil”  It is a far cry from the ten commandments but if that is all they can think to remember.  “You can’t fight the good fight, if you don’t know wrong from right.”
Why is alcohol consumption so great?  Because it is the greatest form of escapism for the baboon brood.  It is also likely to be what differentiated, humans from Gods, or baboons from humans, or the Satanic from the Schizophrenic.  The respective comparison is the same.
In a post apocalypse bad lands war they would have the advantage?  Why?  Because they have no soul; they would know when the enemy was coming.
“Toss me another round rotten fruit.”
“No thank you. I have not had a drink since I figured out what you were and how you were created.”
For those of you who are science illiterates, rotten and fermented means alcohol.
And what is her nature of escapism, the lyrics, “I concentrate on you.” Or “She’s not there.” Or “The only one I know.”  She is always trying to find that path to escape to a happy place where she first ended up after being abused while she was a child.  She ended up with your beautiful soul when she was shell shocked traumatized from her mind.  That vacant look on her face of trying to be somewhere else?
We need to make the world a safe and happy place for everyone so that they don’t end up like that.
This is kind of loose and sketchy text.  But as always the monkey can’t stand my writing and tries to defeat it.  Either you like it or you say it’s cr@p.  Some people read it.  Just enough to try and figure out if they have gotten me to cross the line yet?
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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