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Monday, October 15, 2012

Skin color determined by Thomas Pau.l Murphy I have a black spot on my cheek

1. Skin color is determined by sunlight intensity of where their ancestors lived.

2. People who lived near the equator have darker skin.

3. Too much iron causes Melanin deposits on the skin.  I have one on my cheek.  I also tan up darker than some black men when I go on spring break.

4.  The second reason people are more dark skinned near the equator has to be due to the Iron Content at the Equator.  If you view the earth as a formation through centripital force then your heavy iron would indeed have more deposition near the equator.

5.  I like having dark skin better.  I just feel more healthy when I am tan.  Gray white skinned people might all have iron deficiency hysteria.

There is really no difference between blacks and whites.  However I will still make the distinction between schizophrenics whom I consider being more normal than the rest of everybody else.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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  1. PS I also have those extra muscles in my legs like one sports caster once got in trouble for saying. It is a shelf layer in the upper quadriceps! I don't think everyone has it.

    And I am very fast. In college I out-sprinted a bus that rapidly accelerated to in excess of 25 MPH in an eighth of a mile.

    So I am a descendent of Abraham and his black slave woman? So what, better for me to be! I said I like who I am.