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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Republicans you did this 10 31 2012

Hurricane Sandy Republicans you did this  10 31 2012

Hurricane Sandy Republicans you did this, heck that is not fair, I'll even throw Bill Clinton in their with you, something about trips to Milwaukee when he was young.

How did you do this?  Because you have no educated sense of reality!!!!

You vetoed every bill to protect the environment.  In fact you campaign on a slogan to tell the EPA to stick it!!!  You have no idea what anything means.

There should be a term for the Republican Administrations of the last 50 years.  Why because you have been a blight on world history.

You very well had the opportunity to develop solar energy but you neglected it because just like Warren Buffet it is something you can't understand.  Isn't that a condemning statement to one of the wealthiest men in the world?  He does not understand clean energy technology?  He should have his assets siezed.

Here I will explain it to you.  You polluted the oceans.  Not only that you outsourced our manufacturing to China to subvert U.S. EPA restrictions and they polluted the Oceans even further.

High School Chemistry class will tell you that when you add something to water it retains heat.  And what have you added to water?  Heavy metals from coal production.  Not only that you added Cesium from a Japanese Nuclear plant; what do you think is going to happen to California on the Pacific?  It is highly likely that you are going to see an earthquake of a record magnitude.  Why?  You have set the Oceans out of balance.  All that pollution doesn't belong there.  You are like the kids that resented picking up after themselves and when you became adults you ditched the idea.  California has nothing to do with the Atlantic?  You have no concept of the reality of floating plate techtonics.  When a lot of water weight is shifted in the Atlantic the Pacific will indeed be impacted on lessen the concept to understandable terms for you SEA SAW.  (seesaw)

Why do you ignore reality?  Because you hate reality in the exact same way the devil hates the truth.  You are the greatest suck ups the world has ever known.

As syncophants you will lessen any concerns of those who are in power over you.  You will bend over backwards and even commit acts of homosexuality to get ahead in the business world.  Follow the link above to see what a syncophant is.  Because you are this way every standard that our good society has been built on has been eroded and washed away by  you. Why? And it is not only that you are camp following minion flunkies it is because you do not have the intelligence to understand what reality is telling you!  You can not intelligently view reality!

All that Ocean water that is retaining heat from the addition of your pollution is causing that hurricane.  It is not an act of God as you would like to believe.  It is not something you can blame on someone else; a scapegoat.  It is not something that you can feebly look up at the cross and say he'll take care of it for us.

Those hurricanes are going to keep coming up at New York.  And maybe they will keep coming until the source of the problem is wiped out!  Once your coastal towns are flooded you will no longer be able to import oil.  But again you do not have the intelligence to understand the promised reality of solar and why we need it. 

You Republicans did this in the name of money!  Too expensive to be concerned with a clean living environment weren't you?  Now look at what we have because of you!  The economic impact of your negligence is far greater than your pea sized brain could ever comprehend.  California will be next.  (You trusted Japan far to much to act responsibly after WWII.  The United States should have monitored and signed off on approval on every civil infrastructure project they ever created.  But instead you lent confidence to a country that attacked us.  You valued their government the same as our blessed Constitution the same way you have with every foreign trading partner we have.  -The same way with every foreign country we have outsourced manufacturing and jobs to.  But you do not have the slightest comprehension of the meaning of any of this.

And you don't care, you never did and you never will.  Your reality was that of rubbing your feeble minded satanic existence in the face of the good sons of the middle class.  There is no such thing as Schizophrenia it is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.  Why?  Because you want to silence the voice of reality!  You can not stand it in the same way that the devil hates the truth because you were raised by tormenting others for their soul.  You are the greatest cowards the earth has ever known and something has to be done about you.

You are not capable of creating good things, ideas, people, products, policy.

Hurricane Sandy is your Creation!

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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