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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wall Street Controls the Military of the U.S. and not the President 10 16 2012

Wall Street Controls the Military of the U.S. and not the President 10 16 2012

I alluded to that with the article I wrote about Oswald.

Any President who tried to control our military would be assassinated.

Because Presidents are bought and sold into office with money it means Wall Street our Presidents too.

Wall Street controls our military because the large oil companies have a large influence and presence in our stock market.  Not only that the satanic minded are fed on the pain of souls stolen for profit for Wall Street.

The real nature of Wall Street can be thought of as vicious lower class people with lots of money and no human soul.

Silver spoon children are never forced to learn anything practical in their lives.

It would make you sick if you knew how unamerican our military leaders are.

Do you know what schizophrenia is really like?  It is like the Jewish girl throwing popcorn at the back of my head in the movie theater in 1986.  Only she isn't Jewish and doesn't look Jewish.  But she is a young woman who grew up hearing the thoughts of someone the Italians/Romans might label her God father.  So what does she do when it comes time to marry her dolt and start a family?  She knows very well how to drive that man out of his mind and has a coven of women just like her to help her.

In Colonial America we hung men and women for this and we were no worse off for it?  Was that indeed the nature of Freedom of Religion in America and why the Pilgrims left England?  If there was a spoiled girl that ruined a man she was hung before she could negatively influence society?  Before she could "Let them eat cake," as a solution to the poor and hungry?

He didn't make himself the man.  And she did not make her husband or sons the man.  She stole the soul of a man to give to them.

If you glance at the television at all you will see that immediately after I wrote that Wolf Blitzer did not have a college education they bought him a new pair of plastic black rimmed glasses to make him look smarter.  What is next, they show us all of Anderson Coopers boyfriends?  I bet has his sharpened fingernail choosings of young military base men?

And watching a woman on the highest accredited news channels is... it looks like they all have an affective disorder and play with their beans during the commercial breaks.  "She is wisening her bean again?"  To watch one interview a supposed important person is like watching them play a little girls game of cards like Go Fish or Crazy Eights.  "Let's see do you have an eight?"  She say's without a sense of urgency for a truthful answer.

In order to make these women happy as adults they would go so far as to beam a frequency at them that triggers a hormonal reaction whereby a man, their God Father, is denied from getting an erection.  Why?  She likes to think that she is you.  The appropro phrase from a song I like is, "The only one I know."  It was a sub theme of the movie "Hell comes to Frog Town"

He would do everything for someone who would never love him, his wife, son, daughter.  As the delusion of self extends into adulthood and old age our earth is becoming incapable of supporting human life.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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