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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Did projected radiation from the Cathode Ray tube displace

Did projected radiation from the Cathode Ray tube displace synaptic synapses?  Was the result of this that people where more easily conditioned to believe what they should not have?  Why wasn't there outrage when the results from the Kennedy assassination were sealed for 40 years?

And if so has the result been that we are living in an idiot world?

If you turn the television on and find that you like those old commercials for songs that are sung from the 1950's...You notice the voices are a lot better than they are today.  Does the same hold true for every other form of talent?

One more point.  They like to talk about problems in foreign countries because it is one of those sales techniques whereby if they can make you feel that you are not as smart as you are they win in many ways?  I mean very few of us have traveled abroad. 

As an American I have to believe that people are good all over the world.  I also believe that television has been a great negative influence on the United States.

If I could give a message to foreign countries I would tell them that the United States people are not represented in our country.  And that the decisions that have been made have been out of our control.

The Cathode Ray tube has been displaced by a different kind of transmitted idiocy.  And it could rapidly take us back to the Stone Age for lack of responsibility at the highest levels of our American Society.

People do not get roles on broadcast television today because of talent, they get roles because they are hip to evil.  It is very scary what a negative influence the television set is and maintains.  It is as if on one side you have television and on the other you have the truly educated and responsible.

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