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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Corporation Word Origin 10 28 2012

Corporation 10 28 2012
Word Origin   Corp-O-Ration
Corp = Means of the body.
O = Is concurrent symbolism of Zero
Ration= means to divide out, to divvy out, to conserve the parts or remains among yourself.
The first corporations were indeed burial groups in Rome.  Hence the word origin of “Rationing someone’s body to zero.”
Why would you want to ration the body to zero?  Because you had already completely stolen the mind!
And of course if you are to form a burial group as a corporation what do you indeed need to support it?  A very nice looking building!  And where indeed have burial group ceremonies been traditionally held?  In temples and churches.  I can not speak for the ancient temples.  And indeed I have never seen a picture or rendition of the temple of David that Jesus Christ wanted to tear down and rebuild in three days?  Jesus Christ, a Jew, was making a mocking statement of his brethren wasn’t he?  Sarcasm, I will tear it down in three days but there is no reason to ever rebuild it.  You will see what Jesus knew about him a little later in this spittle.
So indeed you have the Roman army going on a conquest in the Western direction and what do they find?  Druids!  Funny thing is that they did not conquer all the druids?  Was it a matter of professional courtesy after what they learned from them?  The Druids, indeed with English and Irish origin would take someone out to a clearing in the forest and divine the future by sticking a knife into their chest and viewing there whole life’s story.  Can you imagine how accurate the stock pickings of a burial group participant of the financial industry would be if they used this technique?
So indeed we see that the Corporation did indeed make a symbol for their ration.  The symbol for the rationing indeed being the cross.  Your arms are as long as your height, but we have to put those feet up off the ground so everyone has a view of what is being divined.  And what did the Roman soldiers do to Christ- just like the druids in the forest they pierced his chest with a blade.  What else did they do to represent that they had stolen his mind: they placed a crown of thorns upon his head.  If you were from outer space you would think they were monkeys that had their black fur shaved off revealing white skin below.
So indeed what spawned from the torturing culture of the Druids/Romans?  The first American Corporations or Burial groups were colonies of Burial Groups or Corporations under charter from Europe.  The next Corporations or Dividers of the Body were indeed the pay for Universities.  The next corporations were the rise of you financial industry. 
And after that the biggest corporations are your two political parties in the United States. 
(Why not Saudi Arabia?)
So who are the victims of the shaved monkey race?  Those who are sent off to war for the sake of the United States and also the advent of your modern schizophrenic.  In my next article I will touch upon how your modern schizophrenic is really your Elohim Jewish God from the Bible.
And of the Davinci Code?  What DaVinci Code?  There is no Divinci Code!!!  Davnci painted the Mona Lisa with only one intention and it is indeed that she is a depiction of Satan!  How you ask?  The Mona Lisa looks like an Orangutan with its facial hair completely removed; those are the eyes of an apple stealing monkey; they are the eyes of Satan.  She is soulless and dependent minded to, guess who; DaVinci.   Don’t ask me why but I’ll give it my best shot.
It is right there in the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible.  It is plain as DAY!!!  “Eve took that apple from the snake?”  What do you think that means?  It is like one of those stupid riddles from a Harrison Ford action movie isn’t it?  Where does a snake crawl?  A snake crawls on the Ground!  So where does a snake get its apple from?  The Bible is telling you that the forbidden fruit to eat is the rotten fruit on the ground.  And what is rotten fruit?  It is fermented alcohol!  And why does God not want you to drink alcohol?  Because it makes you and your offspring into dependent minded Satanic!!!!  And God hates you for being that!  And who is the God of Adam and Eve? He is Adams father.  And why did he kick them out of the Garden of Eden?  Because he knew that after you ate the rotten fruit you would be the most difficult people to ever manage!!!  He knew that you would be of the Satanic or dependent mind!  Eve took the apple from the snake?  Think of a snake coiled around an apple on the ground and keep that picture in your mind forever.  In fact I think it would make a good painting in some form.
And as I write this I do indeed wonder why someone had to be three Generations of the Jewish faith in order to marry someone Jewish.
And what of all this talk of Israel, Israel, Israel.  They all say I will return you to Israel in the Bible.  They promise that you have the seaside town back.  But it is never emphasized who took it from you in the first place.  The Sanhedrin (it means they sit with one another) of Israel sided with the Romans and sold out Jews just like they did Jesus Christ.  And Jesus Christ tried to stop it!!! Jer 31:7-9  (They departed in tears,)
And who indeed were the Romans?  They were wine “growers”?  And what did our blessed Lord Jew Jesus Christ do to the drive the point home in history forever?  He mixed the damn wine with water!!! Plain as day.  He mixed the wine with water.   He diluted that damn wine to nothing.  It is the same thing as my Grandmother cracking my Grandfathers bottles of whisky up. And the story say’s that everyone was happy.   By the way the literary technique that explains where all those fish came from is that of time displacement?  Those are the fish we are told that they left in the nets when Jesus showed them were to fish and they caught all the fish.  He didn’t let them rot it the nets!  Are you crazy?
And do you know who screwed the Jews up more than anyone?  Egypt!  How?  The slaves that built the pyramids were fed Beer and Bread!  It probably took many generations to build those pyramids.  And what happens to a generation that is subject to procreation under the influence of alcohol? They are dumbed down. Fetal alcoholism is only the physical manifestation of too much alcohol on human genetics.  And what do fetal alcoholic babies look like?  God forgive me for speaking the truth; a fetal alcohol victim looks like a monkey with its hair shaved off its face and the skin colored white!  That is the extreme of fetal alcoholism.  What is the lesser effect of fetal alcoholism?  The dependent minded!  You would never believe that a person who has schizophrenia is really a victim of the dependent minded.  And as is the topic in current politics it is apparent that the Republican Party does not believe a woman is raped because a hole is a hole and still looks the same.  Yes I am being extremely crude but I am doing it to shock into believing a point.
God have mercy on the man who marries one of these without knowing what it is beforehand!!!

It is Sunday so what else…Mk 10:46-52  Bartimaeus “Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!”  Okay no-one ever said Jesus was the son of David?  We are led to believe in circumspect lineage that he is a descendent of David.  But again we are told he is immaculately conceived? So the word conceived is a lot like received.  One of two things is true here.  Jesus is indeed the son of Mary and David or a descendent of his?  Yes this view is supported from another story in the Bible that I have highlighted before in my writing.  I don’t know the exact passage.  But it is a whole story about a woman who lives on the outskirts of town and is very mad at the father of her son who is a wealthy man in town.  The second thing that could be true is indeed the human soul only comes via an immaculate trumping or conception.  We hear evidence of this in Lots seed.  But recently I was reading the Book of Mormon and he speaks about his seed.  And he talks about it like it is indeed something that immaculately conceives a great many (Nephi or Lehi ‘he’ is.)  So here in this second belief we are led to believe that the seed can descend upon the conceived soul of someone.  (Again the descent is also a word that is used to describe the seeding of souls, albeit Satan? In another passage in the Bible.)  I even use the term Makers Seed in my novel ‘The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper’ before I learned how prevalent the concept is in religious text.
Bartimaeus wasn’t physically blind.  Bartimaeus was in a trance like a monkey in the rain.  Bartimaeus was indeed dependent to the mind of Jesus Christ.  What does that mean?  It means that his life was renewed by the maker’s seed of Jesus Christ.  Bartimaeus could not think and therefore was blind because he never had his own soul.  There was nothing to him.  He was likely low grade fetal alcoholism with no physical manifestations.  If the Druids can divine the future from sticking a knife in a person’s chest you cannot tell me, I repeat you cannot tell me that they do not see something from the discarded semen of a man. “Lot’s see was wasted on the ground?”  Is evidence of what this means.  So you have the Druids that evolved from killing a person to reading the semen like the damn witch doctor reads the entrails.  And not only that what really drives the nail in the coffin to the Tea Party industry?  Who was the druid roman emperor that liked maker’s seed more than anyone?  It was indeed Caligula who lived at the same time as Jesus Christ and what was his exuberant technique?  He bound live men and bit off the source of their semen- there living testicles.  Indeed was that how all men in ancient Rome were castrated to be Evil women’s servants?  Or did they just start eating the balls rather than figure out a way to dispose of them?  It is like say didn’t we just castrate that man?  Where are his balls I meant to burry?  He looks around.  What’s that junior is eating?  You had some too?  You sure do look reinvigorated strong and sexy don’t you?  And in our modern era the saga of horror continues right under our noses doesn’t it? Catholic priests molesting boys?  Professional athletic coaches molesting boys to use as play makers souls?  It is out and outright sickness.  Everyone is pro life pro life pro life?  Some people should have never been born!!!!!

More Sunday stuff before I get back to my tirade on the Burial Groups.
Ps 126 1-2,2-3,4-5,6
“When the LORD brought back the captives of ZION, we were like men dreaming.”  I have indeed always been critical of whatever this ZION is.  And I don’t know for sure what it is but I don’t like it.  Is Zion indeed bad maker’s seed?  Is it like being snowed whacked or Gob smacked?

Okay back to the Burial Groups.  So you have the ability to divine the future.  You have even created a limited liability corporation in Italy I believe in 600ad so that you can stab someone and read their future and then shove into a whole right away and heap dirt over it.  So you have learned an evil form of witchcraft and can see the future from it.  What industries evolve from this?  Okay sure enough you are going to have Life Insurance right?  What else?  You would also be very good at predicting casualties so you can add that to your insurance industry.  What else.  Oh I forgot to mention the obvious burial services with the official steeple buildings.  And by the way isn’t it very expensive to burry a dead person?  $20,000.00???????  To pay a non national Mexican to dig that hole?  To allocate a plot from your pasture?  Ridiculous!!!  Death should be free and you know it.  Okay so you are the druid race that divines the future by torturing people to death.  What do you do next?  You create all manner of betting and financial products.  You use all manner of denial.  Etc.  Etc.  You give those who know what you are the most horrific name ever- schizophrenic.
Oh and you can’t be a New York Stock Exchange Specialist unless you are born into the business?  What does that mean?  You have to be a shaved orangutan?  And speaking of which that Mona Lisa’s eyes look like an Orangutan don’t they?  And Stone Hedge is indeed a place where druids were known to kill people in sacrifice.  And many Irish indeed have that red Orangutan hair.  And Stone Hedge does indeed look like the base of a pyramid.  And indeed that Egyptian that ruled over some of the Jews lived for 96 years.  That is a long time in those ages.  Was he eating Jews balls?  Terrible aren’t I?
I would like a complete accounting for the collection proceeds from offerings to the Catholic Church throughout the complete history of the Catholic Church.  You don’t have to give it to me and God did not have to send the hurricane after New York City either.  Anyone tell Occupy Wall Street to retreat for a little while lest they find themselves in a plague ridden flood zone?  We had a flood here a couple years back and the mess was terrible.  The fungal smell everywhere.  Backed up sewer water covering heaps of junk thrown to the curb.  It reads just like Scott Walker pulling that shenanigan on the teachers in Wisconsin into the winter doesn’t it?  So you have cold coughing New Yorkers looking for fresh water to drink?  It is not coming from the clean flowing rivers.  According to our Republican Party clean water is never a concern.  If there is a new plague in New York will there indeed be the army reserve to shoot anyone trying to leave the quarantine zone?  That is a term you haven’t heard in a while?  Quarantine Zone!    Reads like a Sci Fi doesn’t it?  You liked it in New York?  And of course collectively you never incited any terrorist action against the United States?  Model citizens free from corruption and crime- no organized crime or its influence or backing in the form of religion.  You stay right there in New York!  And you pray for God to save you!  You do not believe in God and you know it!!!
There is a reason that Latin is not offered for credit as a foreign language in High Schools!  Once a person figures this out…
Molestation, kidnappings, crime, etc, drugs?  All are network activity.  What is the linking factor of all evil in this world?  They are all of the mind that is complacent to evil because each is indeed dependent minded; likely from fetal alcohol syndrome without physical manifestations.  I believe that science will indeed prove me right on this one.  Is it more likely that I make up the voices in my head or that they are from those that the Bible Describes as not having their own soul?  If you don’t have your own soul which is a fact per its existence in the Bible you are indeed one that sits by the roadside and asks a Jesus type for sight.
So is that what it indeed means to be a Jew?  To hear the voices of the race of the Satanic in your head?  Well I am not going to put up with it and be falsely diagnosed with it and suffer because of the drunken babies in the world and if you are a Jew you should not have to either?  It makes one want to form a Jewish Republican Army and take back the world from those who drive us out in tears?
Back to DaVinci again.  The last supper is Jesus rejoicing and drinking the wine?  Maybe we need to rethink that or DaVinci.  And that little wafer looks a lot like a dried up circle of semen doesn’t it?  Open your mouth they used to say us with a look of evil perversion as we walked to the front of church to receive communion.
A little more of this Bible Logic before I am done for awhile.
“And his Kingdom will have no end?”
It implies he deserves a Kingdom!  It implies he was indeed a King all along!  This is contrary to how he is represented in the history books.  In frame of retrospective viewpoint he didn’t have a castle but did indeed have a Kingdom?  Can’t be you say.  Have to have a castle to have a Kingdom.  Maybe he was a King without a dungeon?  Beautiful right? 
It implies he was indeed worthy of the title of King!  So if he was and Caligula the horrific Roman Emperor was indeed the King equivalent per what we are told the real description of a King is then there is something wrong here.  There is a great contradiction isn’t there?  One is a terrible person and fits the definition of what we say a King is lest we be accused of speaking in Delusion- Caligula is that one.  The other is not a King and is indeed labeled as someone who is implied to have thoughts of delusion.  It is almost like you could see Tony Curtis playing the part of Pontius Pilot and mocking Jesus Christ “You are the King of the Jews are you?”  But what is religion really telling us?  His Kingdom will have no end?  They don’t say the same thing about Caligula do they?  Caligula’s kingdom will have no end.  Can we shoot you dead if you start wearing a t-shirt that says that because it implies you believe in a crime against humanity?  It is like wearing a t-shirt that says I rape women so they provide the world with children that we shouldn’t abort.  Caligula should have been aborted; there wear that one.
Religion is telling us Jesus Christ was the real King!!!  Good Kings are really Kings.  Bad Kings aren’t and need to go.  It is like that sh1t kid they hire out of the Ivy League school who can’t really do the job so he gets to hire three people to work below him to do the job for him. The piece of pooh can’t even type!
How can you have a Kingdom if you aren’t a King?  How can it be said you are deserving of a Kingdom if you didn’t think and act like a King?  I mean that isn’t a King it is a psycho!!!  It has to do with getting a label that you did not earn and do not deserve doesn’t it?  It is a gradient type of distinction isn’t it?  You go on reality TV show and sang a song so indeed you are a singer because you sang, but you were really awful so you are not really a singer.  Has to do with definite meanings of nouns and verbs, some high paid A$$hole can figure it out and codify it.  One more analogy to tickle your fanalogy, you are a money center banker making a billion dollars a year and the bank you work for goes bankrupt and the tax payer the same one that already pays you an interest rate of usury bails you out and pays your salary.  So you are the singer who isn’t the banker. J
How can you be deserving to be a King of everything if you didn’t think and act like a King?  By the way Jesus Christ did not say that he is coming again.  He said that someone who is more powerful than him will come.  I have completely obliterated the Nicene Creed in an article like this but the voice does not want me to find it, perfect it and publish it.  Who is that guy always standing at the front of the church anyway?  Do you know what he said as I entered Church for the first time after not going for some years?  “Somebody ought to suck that guy off.”
So Jesus Christ was indeed mocked by Pontius Pilot a well regarded King type at the time.  A man who in retrospect we are saying will have a Kingdom with no end was mocked by your well regarded king type at the time.  It says a lot about the phrase the last will be first and the first will be last.  By the way Jews do you know why God is telling you to gather on the mountains of Israel in the last days?  It implies a flood doesn’t it!
In our modern era this would be like someone saying you were delusional without you saying a delusional word or any word at all!  (with regard to Pontius Pilot mocking JC)
Finally in church today they said Jesus Christ was sacrificed.  I didn’t hear the other mumbo jumbo of how he willing went.  It is either one or the other and you damn well know it!!!
Why Pontius paid for him?
So we get the big spiel where Pontius acts like he really doesn’t have reason or want to torture or kill Jesus but in law enforcement, again, we have two contradictory forms of evidence to this:
1.        He paid money for him.
2.       He actually did torture and kill him even though he pleaded with himself that he didn’t have cause.  That is the pure psychotic feeble criminal mind isn’t it?  It’s not the mind of a true King type.  It is the mind of someone who doesn’t know what to do and can’t think for himself.  Here indeed is evidence of someone in the highest position of power not knowing what to do and yet knowing what he will indeed do.  (Does any of this ring true to our economy and any of the psyches of our pseudo leaders to you?)  It’s not the mind of a King.  Do you see what I am getting at?  He doesn’t act like one and then mocks someone who is!  Sounds like every sh1t kid I grew up with.
It is the exact same basis as our current American Economy, the feeble mind assumed power because they did not have to be accountable because they set up a structure in our society that granted them limited liability so that they were not accountable- the corporation.  Corp=of the body.  Ration= rationed out, divvied out, divided.  Bars of silver to the burial group members that sit together?  Sanhedrin= those who sit together.  Kind of like the Priest saying to those around him, “Someone ought to suck him off.”
I could keep going but what’s the point.  You didn’t believe in Jesus Christ like you don’t believe in Schizophrenics.  They are the same thing and you know it.  Jesus did indeed go through a period before his death with regard to demons.  “Father why have you forsaken me?”  Were his final words.  I would tell you the beautiful (or horrific) origin of the Star of David symbol but you would not believe me.
Yeah I play fast and loose with the spelling and grammar but if you look at our Constitution it is written with the same sense of desperation in getting it out and done.  I didn’t want to be a priest when they asked me in grade school and I don’t today.  And I don’t like to spend any time with this stuff at all, but I do it because it needs to be done?  Or because the voices won’t let me do my chosen lines of work?  (Read about what I wrote with regard to the Origin of Communism.  Essentially it is those who sit together deciding what others should do.)
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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