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Monday, October 15, 2012

Very Interesting about the Oswald Rifle used to kill Kennedy

From reading this article it is apparent that Oswald was indeed a legacy fascist from the era of WWII thinking.

1.  The rifle is Italian Surplus.
2.  The name Oswald chose as an Alias is a lot like Adolf Hitler.
3.  Oswald had a pictures taken of him with the rifle and holding two newspapers;  "The Worker" and "The Militant" If you remember your WWII history Mussolini was also of the worker type mindset.  But what would someone of a worker mindset have against Kennedy?
4.  The neighbors of Oswald did indeed have a German name.  Not only that they claimed not to have much knowledge that Oswald was storing that rifle in their garage?  That is a glaring piece of evidence no investigator could ignore.  They moved to Haiti soon after?  He sent them a picture of him with the gun?  There is implication of a common interest with these friends.  What indeed was the business of De Mohrenschildts.  Wait that is incorrect the friends with the garage it was stowed in were named Michael and Ruth Paine, so what business were they in?  The friends he was to send the photograph of him with the gun were of the German name?  Paine is an English Surname as is Oswald?  Is there misdirection here?  Should we really be looking for someone under the terminology of English Fascism?  De Mohrenschildts and Paine are indeed both Oil! As is the man named King who tried to purchase the Oswald rifle.  Was President Kennedy seeking to put forth a solar energy agenda?  So here is the man capable of taking us to the moon and he had the full confidence and belief in the solar industry?  I was in the 5th grade that had to have been 1977 or 1978 and we had commercially available solar cells in toys at that time, so if we had it in toys then Kennedy knew of it also due to the technology lead time and unveiling cycle; the government is ahead of us.

 German named friends, Italian named Gun, Alias name like Hitler? Italy and Germany as Axis forces. 

What did he have against President Kennedy or more properly what initiative was he trying to prevent Kennedy from achieving?  Something to do with workers rights?  Something to do with Ivy League Colleges? I am only speculating with this limited info but it is indeed worth looking into further.

And one final point this article posts that Oswald was firing open sites.  Not all rifle scope mounts allow for a person to fire open sites underneath the scope.  I cannot tell from the profile view of this rifle scope.  There is also controversy as to how good a shot Oswald was.  The guys on the range implied he could not hit anything; the Maggies Drawers comment.  But yet he is said to have scored highly on the targets?  That doesn't add up which implies military target judges are part of the controversy or that the real shooter was not him?  So if the military was behind it for what reason?  To further a hidden fascist agenda in the United States via the cover of the military industrial complex of the U.S.  Then there is the issue of the Scope Shims and where indeed the scope was sighted in?  Because firing with the scope he would have indeed been off.  And he hit dead center in the head of a moving car?  The only type of a person that can make that type of shot is what I call a Zen Shooter.  And a Zen Shooter is one that has others eyes with him?  Might not make sense to you but that is okay.  I don't even know if a Zen Shooter could do it with that scope.  But the point did that rifle have open sites viewable (through) under the scope?  And if Oswald did indeed use the scope he would have had to test the rifle to see where the scope was off?  And if he is testing the rifle he would have adjusted the scope so it wouldn't have been off.  He likely did not have the skill to do this or he would have.  And if he did not have that skill he could not be a great shot.  And indeed he would not have tried to make that pinpointed shot with a scope that was off?  The scope was indeed 4x.  That would have given him a closer up image than the open sites.  Did he use the scope for finding the target and the open sites to make the shot?  And again were the open sites viewable (through) under the scope?

Was Oswald really his name?  I would have thought it to be an English Surname but then you wonder if it is German?  The English Language did indeed have the German language as its root.

It is written that he tried to use that gun to also assassinate General Edwin Walker a controversial political activist.  So I need to see what the root of his gripe was by researching General Edwin Walker.

So Walker and Kennedy were indeed at odds!  There it is.  Walker is your straight target eye.  The rifle was or was not sighted in at Walkers home????  When the bullet hits the window pain on purpose that is indeed a sighted in Rifle!  Walker opposed integration!  Walker indeed had some affiliation with Germany too.  The whole of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry is dependent upon the synthesis and conversion of oil to chemicals. 

So if it was over oil rather than solar then it has been the worst environmental scandal in the history of the world!  Makes you sick doesn't it?

So Paine, Oswald, Walker are English Surnames and who owns the Standard Oil company today British Petroleum.  Not only that at the start of Obama's Presidency we saw a fiasco by the British Petroleum whereby we are presumed to believe that they have no competency with regard to underwater oil drilling operations?  Baloney!  That is like the spoiled child losing at checkers and swiping the board clean of pieces or in this case oil well heads.  It also implies that the racism did indeed extend toward Obama?  Ie. Walker did not like blacks.  Who else had a problem with races?  Well if indeed it wasn't fascist Germany and Italy?  The world needs not filthy brown oil leaking, seeping and running off into our lakes and rivers.  It is a big mess and it is an enormous liability to human health!  I am not going to get into English Fascism with this article other than to say that it is very real and a very negative impact on our freedom and democracy.

It is one of these analyses that I look at in Epiphany and just know that Walker is the source of that sore bullet headed for Kennedy's head.

And Walker is indeed a common name with no likely relation to current politicians?

If Walker is a General did he indeed have Oswald in his ranks?  Did they know each other?  Were they friends?  It is the perfect distraction away from someone to make it look like you tried to kill them first.  Why does Oswald spend three cartridges at Kennedy and yet only one at Walker?  How indeed did Walker report the incident to police?  A man like Walker from the military finds a bullet in his window pain do you think he is not going to look all over for the gun?  Oswald fires one shot and runs because Walker is aware of him?  If Walker is aware of him then he would be grabbing a rifle and heading after him pronto?  If not Walker is not aware of Oswald then Oswald spends the magazine at Walker, right?  Does Walker say he was outside?  Would Oswald wait for a shot outside or shoot through the window?  It is implied he tried to shoot through the window. So therefore the scenario is that Walker hears the percussion of the gun fired and also the thud in the window pain?  Does he drop to the floor?  What does it say in the police report?  Was there one?  Why would Oswald admit to trying to shoot Walker unless he is sweeping away the foot trail to him in the assassination of Kennedy?

Wait a minute Walker believed that a group of sinister men was trying to control things in power behind the scenes of this country and testified to it.  So I will clear him? and instead implicate oil interests?  Or not?  The Kennedy assassination did indeed occur in Dallas Texas, if that doesn't make the statement I don't know what does.  Did Walker have any interest in Oil?  And what companies did Paine and Mohrenschildts work for?  Was Oswald's motivation then that he was for the rights of oil workers?  Oswald did indeed admit to attending an ultra right Walker event.  So why did he go?  And if indeed he is a communist what is he doing living in the United States where we are for workers and freedom more so than communist were? Odd. That doesn't add up.Gorizont (Horizon) Electronics Factory, a facility producing radios, televisions, and military and space electronics.  The Russian Government also gives him a Studio apartment!  Okay here is the epiphany again.  What better place to screw someone up than a space age electronics company.  If you know anything about me you know about how I will tell you how Colonel John Alexander admitted the Department of Defense had developed the technology to make people hear voices.  The Russians also likely had it.  They had it after they sweeped up Nazi Germany after WWII.  Tesla and SS and Marconi and Fascism...  Russia had the technology to brain wash someone then.  It is a fact that they beamed microwaves at the U.S. CIA.  So they screwed up Oswald.  He comes back to America and shoots Kennedy and at Walker because they are both anticommunism.  But wait Oswald denounced his U.S. citizenship and not only does the U.S. let him back in but also Russia lets him go after working at that space tech plant?  You have got to be kidding me!  But the pharmachem oil link comes back into place as Oswald marries a Russian Pharmacologist!  Oswald was likely under Russian Communist mind control from the time he was in Russia to his death.  I would need more earlier life information on Oswald to confirm further suspicions.  Oswald was likely first driven from his soul in New York. And that is where more research would need to be done.  Russia was beaming M-waves at the CIA in the 70's and before were they beaming them at Oswald in New York and from what location? 

In terms of motive who benefited?  Both Communist Russia and Big Oil.
The nature of the Satanic mind is to get something for nothing and not care if you actually are harming human beings in the process of alchemy?

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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  1. One final point, he was a RADAR operator in the U.S. Marines. They are known to have gone crazy from synapse displacement created by the magnetic spectrum field created by the equipment. I have been told that one after another went crazy operating that equipment. It also requires security clearance. So back and forth from Russia to the U.S. so easily with all that acquired tech background?

  2. PPS Walker ends up to be a cuckoo bird later in life in this story. So was he also a victim of the satanic race. Three victims of the Satanic race, Kennedy, Oswald and Walker?

  3. So how does Walker end up being influenced to be Cuckoo Bird? While stationed in Germany? We should have no more foreign troops stationed abroad. And without foreign troops we can't have foreign embassy's. It is about time foreign countries adopted a version of the U.S. Constitution if they want to trade with us. And we are not supposed to have an Army per our Constitution? Were the other divisions added to our military a means to subvert the effort of our Constitution? You bet they were.

  4. That's right Germany was half Russia then? I believe that some Governments like to control their population through war. Especially when they want to ditch a leader of their school of thought.

  5. So how does Russia and oil stand to benefit? Russia has a great landscape of underdeveloped natural resources. Was there a plan at that time for an oil pipeline from Russia to Alaska? If so we already see that the pipeline from Alaska to the U.S. is in place as part of step one.