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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Clean Water Act 10 15 2012

The Clean Water Act 10 15 2012
If the goal of the clean water act was to make our lakes and rivers fishable by 1985 then that meant that you would be able to put a boat in a river.  In order to swim in a river it also has to be of a certain depth.
When people set a goal usually they have some realization of the series of steps it takes to get there.  Anything else really amounts to a delusion.  And indeed it is often those who live in delusion that subvert the steps responsible people have conceived of in order to reach a goal.
And then there are those who look at goals and cannot conceive of how to reach them because they do not have the experiential learning to do so; they would therefore label such goals delusion out of their own stupidity and arrogant projection of that stupidity as being of the highest intelligence.  It is like, “Get out of the way for me in my boat!”
Anyone who has used the Milwaukee River for recreation can tell you that it is very shallow, up to your ankles.  In order to get a boat through it should be at least 6 feet deep.
In order to be consistent with the goal of the clean water act we are going to have to dredge our rivers deeper.  Why?  Because they are filled with sludge!  And that sludge is probably sediments from human feces and chemical waste.  You can never swim in a river like that because it will always be coming to the surface in the summer heat and it is toxic.
So how do we go about dredging our rivers?  We do indeed have large mining equipment manufacturers in Wisconsin that can make the custom equipment to do so.  And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a mining equipment maker.
I would imagine a boat with a paddle type dredge on the front that digs and dumps the waste into a modular boat behind it.  Whereby another modular sludge transfer boat quickly follows behind that.  Much like the way the use dump trucks to pave roads.
We might use suction dredging technique.  But whatever technique we do use to dredge it should be one where there is very little silt that flows past the dredging operation.  That means it has to be a captive technology.
And if we were to commence this effort we might also need some type of new technology called a filter dam.
If I were a large industrial company I would be shifting some of my engineering plans into this effort.
But before we do dredge we have to eliminate all sources of runoff that would further pollute the river.  Why fix something so that the repair will not last?
To eliminate the oil from cars that gets on the road and finds its way into the rivers we need street sweepers that filter the vacuum water and clean the streets twice a week.  We also need to mandate new car technology that eliminates the potential threat of oil leaking from an oil pan or transmission pan or bearing or differential or brake fluid or power steering fluid.  Can an American Engineer develop a car that uses one type of biodegradable lubricant for the entire system?  If we are indeed still the best and brightest we could do this.
Is the reason that we are not dredging because there are bodies buried in concrete slabs at the bottom of the river?  Who was Governor?
Ah, forget about the future of the country entirely and have a drink of alcohol.  How much energy and water is wasted in the transportation and consumption of alcohol?  Bad priorities for a bad American Tribe.
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  1. PS Those dredge boats would have to come in different widths. Some of our rivers have become quite narrow. Not only that the water might be "gone through the hole in the ozone."