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Thursday, October 25, 2012

History and Jewish Evictions 10 25 2012

History and Jewish Evictions 10 25 2012
It has happened enough in the history of the world and yet has not been studied.  Indeed it has happened at least 106 times in the history of the world since the death of Christ!  It does indeed bear study and is worthy of study because of the significance and trauma that occurred.  So why indeed has it not been studied and published in one complete volume?  It is a very significant element in the history of the world.  And for the purpose of the study one must conclude that we are all Jews.  So that one thinks as they do the study that it could have indeed been anyone that was evicted including themselves had they lived in that era and city.  The Bible does indeed tell that we are all Jews and that Jews are indeed our ancestors.
The point with regard to the study is that when people are evicted there is a substantial wealth loss and wealth gain.  Unless you are burning every building a people lived in when you evict them you are indeed profiting from the loot that you take and or auction.  Which brings me to the next point.  If you look at the history of the world and try and determine what happened immediately after Jews were evicted what you see will stick out at you like a sore thumb.  Where did the money go?  What events transpired afterwards that were required to be finance from a large sum of money?
So Sephardi's Jews were kicked out of Spain in 1490.  What happened next?  Ships were financed and set sail in 1492.  Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492.  Let’s say that he wasn’t a Sephardi Jew who was evicted from Spain, let’s say that him and his ships were financed with the loot of the evicted?
Which brings up the next point.  What if those who were evicted were not really Jews some of the time?  In the Irish genocide the Irish were not Jews.  What if a people were evicted and then labeled Jews afterwards?  Did we not see a propagandized movement to send 50 million blacks to Africa to fight a war against Kobe? Or whatever his name was.  Would those blacks be labeled Jews later on in the History books when no-one notices?
My point is that the satanic soulless mind has been with us for the last 2000 years.  And the Satanic are indeed plural.
So what if one looks at Russia and says that the Russians were not really freed when Gorbachev tore down the wall.  What if it was thought of instead as Gorbachev's way of evicting them.  So we don’t look at it that way what if we look at it in terms of Russia was biding its time in order to form an economy that worked?  What would indeed be the key to that Economy that worked?  Oil exports.  And when about were the Jews freed from Russia- the Berlin wall came down, right.  Reagan’s time in office.  And how indeed did Reagan get in office?  Via Oil shenanigans with Iranian terrorist- Ahmadinejad was likely one of them.
So the Russians come to the United States?  And as descendants of that Communist country they are all very wealthy aren’t they?  I’ve even seen them with gold thronged sandals.  So how indeed did the money go to them in a country of Communism?  In true communism no one would really be rich!  And that indeed gets me to the ~20 million that Stalin killed!  That is an awful lot of loot.  And what did they do when they got it?  Did they form the communist government and sit on or flaunt their wealth?  They had created the perfect human pickings farm didn’t they?  And that is how communism worked and kept the people at bay from learning of the dependent minded? I tell you what to do and keep prodding you so you don’t figure out that I don’t have brains for squat!
And if we are all descendant's of tribes of Israel I am going to have to say that this tribal behavior will not be tolerated.  That you must indeed repent for the security of the natural earth and its humanity- whoever you are or believe yourself to be in error.
And what happened after WWII?  We have the rise of the Nazi Germany based pharmaceutical industry who bases their profits on making people sick through the use of Genocidal Russian American Tesla and Genocidal Fascist Italian Marconi technology?
So what indeed were the details with regard to time and place and loot and history from those more than 100 evictions?  I mean if you had a kid in High School who had that many detentions or expulsions they would not be able to find a job.  Interesting enough many of the biographies of current famous Americans tells of how they did not do well in school.
And indeed in terms of the Satanic mind.  It might be like a genetic based switch where some of us are able to free us from being feeble and dependent minded at some time in our lives.  We might indeed all be born that way.  But it would be a crime against humanity to not try and develop yourself and your own skills and instead seek to live in blissful dependent mindedness all your life.  Free yourself!  The truth should set you free!  The only way to happiness!
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