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Friday, October 19, 2012

Impromptu Philosophical Diatribe 10 19 2012

Impromptu Philosophical Diatribe 10 19 2012
How do you catch a criminal whose mother told him that he was better than everyone else even though there was no basis for it?  Hubris is said to be the enemy of the Gods.
You would have to tempt him with something that he arrogantly thinks that he can get away with.
You would have to see what their area of interest was.  For example if you have a financial industry criminal then you would have to tempt him with an easy money fraudulent financial scheme?
It might be something like a shell company come public.
Or an inside play on the futures market?  Whereby you are leaking information where many American lives could be saved.
It might be a real inside tip on the stock market.  Of course you would have had to tap his phone.  But that should be very easy to do in our era of Homeland Security.
What do evil people like?  They like easy money.  Do some also like to have many wives.  If they do not have many wives because it is illegal do they instead have extramarital affairs with many women?  In other words the Mormon religion cannot be polygamous because it is illegal, have they found a way to subvert that law?  Does a Mormon not allowed to be polygamous allow himself to have his pick of the women on the Mormon website- for sex?  I am of course just following the precedent that was set by their prior behavior and not in terms of their religion but in terms of all religions in general.
Such a criminal would have a lot of money and connections to get himself out of trouble.
The best way to catch this type of criminal is just to let them talk and listen. Then every so often ask them a question that they would easily follow with an answer that is consistent with their dark heart.  Just that is happening quite a bit isn’t it?
That personality type was taught that it is not accountable to human beings.  A person that does not feel they are accountable to human beings also will not answer any questions.
This type of person believes that it immediately do all that you can do.  They cannot because they do not know everything that you know and never will.  So what makes them angry?  Something like, if I can get up on that ladder 30 feet in the air and trim that tree so can you, right?
It is just a bad way to raise a child.  They end up being miserable all their lives because of the internal conflict that their mother taught them to believe.  So what happens when they get older?  They do indeed become their own mother in their defense of themselves.  When challenged they do indeed resort to the uneducated arrogance of their mother.  They will snap at a person for stating a belief that they know is true but they do not have the immediate capacity to understand.  Why?  Because they were raised not to learn to think by trial and error.  It is like a father giving his son a swat on the head for trying to work out a solution to a physical based problem.  In this case the father is indeed projecting his own inability to think for himself and learn onto his son.  Do you know what this reminds me of?  It reminds me of the cognitive ability of a monkey in the body of a human being- it does not want to draw attention to its own stupidity.  Is the reason for this that that person was indeed raised on the soul of another human being?  If so they have no shame in their own stupidity.  The shame only comes when something bad was done to that other human being in order to live off of their soul.
They also come to believe that other people do not have a basis of premises for their beliefs.  Why do they believe this?  Because they are arrogantly projecting their own ignorance on others.
We might call this type of person a closed minded type of person.  But the exact nature of this person is that they have no way of understanding that another person’s beliefs were based on a series of sound premises.  What does this tell us about this type of a person?  They do not understand that goal orientated behavior requires that a person think in terms of how the series of steps will be worked out in order to reach a goal.  Many of us can start a project out of nothing because we have trained our minds to be able to see that a goal can easily be reached.  We can look at a raw material and see what it will easily look like as an end product.  And this same type of synthesis of thought applies to everything that we do and think.  Now if you can imagine a different type of person who did not learn to think for himself but was instead imprinted on a mind of another person.  This type of person would indeed have what might be called a static term of understanding with regard to the world and not be able to cope with any changes.  It is kind of like a cat that is comfortable with its surroundings.  This type of person experiences great frustration when someone who has mastered goal orientated behavior pontificates.  So again what do they become?  They become their own mother or dolt father and snap at that person.
And what is their only recourse when they get into political power?  The overused term used to simplify their thought process and negate the true negative importance of what it means is, they seek to maintain the status quo.  What is maintaining the status quo?  It is really a negative outlook on life and the future.  Again it is like their parent saying no when they expressed confidence in self development.  It is like you want to say to the 10 year old brat inside of them, why don’t you get in your parents car and drive?  You think you are as smart as everyone else?  Get in that car and drive or get on that ladder 30 feet high and trim that tree.  They hate that stuff because it rather readily disproves their delusion of themselves.  Maybe this is what should have never been said to them, “You should be President of the United States?”
I have written about this before but the moral of the story is that most people stop believing in the delusion of themselves when confronted with a reality that causes them pain.  You touch the hot stove and you know not to do it again.  But what if you never had to get near a hot stove because you were rich and had everything in life provided for you?  If you were such a person you were also likely snapped at a lot more by your parents by taking initiative.  But in the very same vein you were also told that you were better than everyone else.  It is not just me that should see that that is the makings of a very dangerous person with regard to society and our world?  Are their people that never had to confront the issue of knowing what they did not know.  They never said to themselves I know what I do not know about an issue?  What does that often mean?  It means if you break a problem up into modules you know there is a module of the problem that you do not know about.  It is like looking at a map that has just an outline of a new and never before known state and nothing more than that.  Let’s say that that state is indeed in the shape of a square…. Scratch this analogy. 
So you were taught to believe that you knew everything everyone else did and so you go about pontificating how things should be done and telling everyone what to do.  Then you get in trouble because you were a great failure.  The only thing that this type of person will do is blame everyone else?  Why?  Because they had never mastered goal orientated behavior. And who is it that does not master goal orientated behavior? Someone who has had everything come very easy to them.  Or maybe it is someone who has never had to think for themselves.
I often think about my cognitive ability and compare it to someone other archetype of cognitive ability.  And that is indeed when I have pity on those who are indoctrinated into a life of dependent mindedness.  I didn’t make you that way.  The analogy here is at a young age they were all trying to get in to be a part of someone else’s thinking (think about mean people) but as they get older they cannot escape what they created themselves to be.  Once again their only recourse is to cast blame on others.  And indeed some of that cast blame is appropriate; but such cast blame is never appropriate when it applies to the archetype of someone that you wronged in order to get ahead in life.  That blame is appropriately applied to parents that indoctrinated you into this behavior and that blame is also appropriate to a religion that indoctrinated into this behavior but it is never appropriate to apply it to the Jew on the Cross.  But yet that is indeed what the Christian faiths espouse in what is called a mystery of faith- he died for our sins.  In this case the term mystery really means lie.  One final point when you sit back and listen to politicians contradict themselves think of a contradiction as really being a lie.  It is not a Fruedian slip type of exposing lie either- it is a bold face arrogant lie of someone who does not feel they have to be accountable for their behavior.
And who is it that does not feel they have to be accountable for their behavior?  Well let’s say that you had a child that had an imaginary friend that turned out not to be imaginary?  What do you tell a child like this?  Here is stream of logic thought that is told to these children; you are better than that imaginary friend that isn’t really an imaginary friend.  That is the lie.  The truth is that that lonely child longed to be someone else in life.  That lonely child was likely raised by parents that were only concerned about money and not people.  It is actually a little worse than that; that lonely child was raised by parents who viewed people lives as objects to be capitalized as money.  That child might think that it can rebel from being like its parents but the reality is that no matter what it seeks to do it will always end up exactly like its parents.  Why am I so confident this is true?  Because it has never changed throughout the history of the world.   The truth is if that child is given the slightest chance to take advantage of someone who was his/her imaginary friend that wasn’t really imaginary it will opportunize any chance it gets.  That is just what the nature is.  It’s thought process is indeed one of fixation and obsession.  Like I said it cannot escape from the horror of reality it so readily embraced and strived for at an earlier age.  So indeed something has to be wrong with another person and not itself.  The reality is that it had a lazy mind that never sought to think for itself.  The delusion of self was never broken.  They never sought or wanted to separate themselves and strive for independence in thought.  It can be done very easily; 1. I see that my hands are in front of me.  2. I see that there are raw materials I can use to create something with.  3.  I am going to try and try again.  I am going to experience frustration.  I am not going to give up.  I am going to experience frustration until I solidify my connection with regard to the physical world.  I am going to solidify my connection to the physical world so that I do not rely on any external influences in my life.  I am going to put my connection to the physical world to the test. I am going to solidify my connection to the physical world so that I can guarantee the safety of others.  This is indeed how men think.
So what does someone with resentment without legal recourse do in life?  They do not take the low road, instead they initiate a crime against that which is better because it is independent.  The stowaway seeks to bring down the plane, the plane being its leader in a school of thought.  Their only salvation in life would indeed come from taking the low road.  But what happens is that they resent that and the end result of their behavior that is imposed on the rest of us is that we all end up taking the low road because of them.  Most people make a mistake and get hurt and say it was my fault.  Not them, they make a mistake and put everyone on the low road!
Does anyone see the symbolism of the spoiled brat trying to kill Merlin in any of this?
This is quite a common theme of many situational comedies.  The person with the now wide eyes had seen a vision of how something was done in their minds and thought they could accomplish it to only to see the pies falling off the conveyor built.  The best analogy of this would be that they are half way up the footholds of the rock wall when they figure out that they were spaced so that they would indeed get stuck.
What most people do not know is that person who sees how easily someone else does something comes to resent everything they do in life and seek to actively foil everything they do.  Once again the person that you are seeking to foil likely never had any responsibility for you being the desperately hapless way you are.
Not the best thing that I have ever written.  Why not?  Because someone who believed that I was their imaginary friend objected to every word of it in the process of it being written.  Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.  This is all that I know and I am likely to end up homeless and poor because of it.
It is very interesting when I start arguing with a person who does not believe in me another person quickly speaks for them when they are cornered in the argument.   And that person is cornered and the previously cornered person butts back in.  Very fragile are some types of archetypal psyches?  And promises are made that will never be kept.  When I was in the business world I always did the work I promised to do.  I am finding out that most people in this world do not show this respect and reciprocity.  A business world that cooperates for a common unified goal?  I would be told that I am suffering from a delusion for having a belief like that.  A belief that my business interests support your business interests?  A complete delusion.  A belief that requiring you to accomplish every aspect of a task that is inherently required in the task in order to receive compensation for the task?  A complete delusion.  I think of this as I just got done vacuuming out the attic a year after we had a new roof put on it and it should have been something that the contractor thought should have been part of the job.
I am starting to ramble, that’s it.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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