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Monday, October 15, 2012

Julian Assange needed to tell us what the CIA doesn't want the American Public to know

Julian Assange needed to tell us what the CIA doesn't want the American Public to know about how they tortured and interviewed Guantanamo Bay Prisoners.

Any time one of them speaks with regard to their thoughts and experience white noise is to be broadcast so the public can't find out.

I can tell you what they did to them already.  They created a attenuated microwave field around them that also was inclusive of the Standard Satanic interviewer.  Then the interviewer observed the prisoner in captivity.  Then the interrogator tortured the prisoner and learned of his thoughts via the expanded mind wave tortured out of the prisoner.  They might indeed have the ability to make movie images from the tortured soul of a prisoner!!!! Your Satanic interviewer can readily read others thoughts because.
1. He was raised by it.
2. He has no soul and thrives on the energy of other people.
3.  He is the living Devil?
4.  If you go to a movie and you are a Jewish God you will look around and see many people who are viewing the movie and experience through your eyes.  You will even find a Jewish girl who throws popcorn on your head the whole time.  And that indeed is the last movie I went to in a theater in about 1986.

Torturing people is a great shame and blight in American History.  And indeed the nature of the Satanic is the antithesis of Freedom and Democracy.

If you read my last article on Oswald you will see why we never needed to be at War with the Middle East and how it and a great Liability was necessitated by them.

Don't forget what Jesus said about the Satanic soulless in the Bible and how he figured out what they were!

PS.  If she is driving me out of my mind by being mean to me while I am watching the movie in the theater does it mean that Jews at home are able to see the movie in the theater through my eyes without paying for it?

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