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Monday, October 8, 2012

Should alcohol be allowed on Cycle Taverns?

Should alcohol be allowed on Cycle Taverns?
And not in the back of limousine either.  As a matter of fact alcohol should be banned altogether.  Why?  Think of how much further ahead we would be in this world if we eliminated that form of escapism?  Think of how many less health problems we would have!  And Alcohol does indeed cause cancer.  How?  Anytime you deprive a cell of oxygen you are indeed impairing its ability to regenerate.  Where do you think all of the mentally impaired babies come from?  Wake up!  The Muslims got this one right and so does the Bible if you read it correctly.  We have only just scratched the surface in terms of the public’s understanding of the horrors of alcohol.
Can a woman’s nursing breast properly convert water to breast milk in the presence of alcohol?  Alcohol disperses very quickly in the atmosphere and to the extremes of the human body.  It causes breast cancer as well as tobacco does.  As well as babies that are born like they are waking up from a hangover and will look that way all their lives.
Where do those pedal taverns travel?  -Over the filthiest rivers on the planet.
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