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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Did somebody shut Trump Up 10 25 2012

Did somebody shut Trump Up 10 25 2012

Is that all the fuss was about?  Not much right?  Same old fuss.  But who would not take that $5 million offer for that charity.  Trump offer me that and I will tell you every woman I ever had sex with!  And my charity will be one that promotes my political agenda- those things that I thought should be done to get this country back to a state whereby it leads the world with integrity.

Trump must be on to something.  I bet someone shut him up yesterday and he did not release what he intended to.  Could it be a government entity?

I have a firm belief that either Obama or Trump or both are part of an attack on the middle class using WWII era non-lethal weaponry that is used to create mental illness.

The connection that I have with it to Trump is that his wife was Russian.  And I believe that Russia possessed this technology after they swept through Nazi Germany.  Remember Tesla and Italian Marconi were indeed fascists.  Stalin killed ~ 20 million? in Genocide.  Were they Russian Jews?  The other connection that I have to Trump regarding this form of fascism is that he is an apartment owner.  Where are people first victimized for their souls?  It is when they leave home and find an apartment in another city.  So much for the New York, New York song.  An apartment owner could indeed attain great wealth by victimizing the middle class in this manner.  I am not saying Trump is a part of it but he is very wealthy.  He also participated in Casino operations.  The Satanic of the casino operations do indeed drive people from their souls using this technology so that they can SUM CERTAIN  set the odds on the house books!  It is a great horror and the most destructive force this nation and the world have ever faced!

Also whatever Trump asks for in terms of Obama we should also ask for in terms of Trump!  Who is in those limousines I will mention in the next paragraph.

Barrack does indeed seem to have a philosophy that is more towards a communist approach to how a country should be governed.  Indeed there were the antedotes with Russian President Vladymir Putin.  As well as some communist indoctrination while growing up.  Not only that he was indeed in Chicago at the same time my soul was stolen from me.  Trump may very well indeed be on the right track with Obama.  But I have to tell you when I go out in the woods or fishing or really anywhere to get a way there is sometimes a limousine parked near where I am for no apparent reason; I mean I am the only one in these places.  Could it be special ops?

Anyhow the great lie regarding soul theft is indeed articulated in a circumspect way in the Parable of the Talents from the Bible.  So it is not like you are going to lock me up because I do not have a historically sound premise for my belief.  And remember the technology existed long before WWII.  The Nielsen ratings likely went away because the television industry found a way to monitor not only what people are watching in their homes but also what they are doing!  Making money from the bones of the middle class.  The Satanic do not have their own souls.

Billionaires should not be able to direct their idle minds to ruin the middle class and profit from their bloody gnawed bones.  I am not saying it is Trump it could be a whole consortium of them that resents intelligent people who can think for themselves.  Wait a minute it is a whole consortium of them- give yourselves up!  "Come out with your hands up and no-one will be harmed," is the old western saying.

You should make me a hero for saying so!  I am very proud of exposing them!

PS.  Wait a minute Donald married a Russian with lots of money.  Did  anyone ever care to ask where all that money come from?  Stalin kills ~$20 million- that is an awful lot of gold teeth isn't it.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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