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Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama vs. Romney Debate Monday 10 22 2012

Obama vs. Romney Debate Monday 10 22 2012
Romney- Syria needs arms.  My response- all through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq U.S. soldiers did not even have the arms they needed.
Romney critiques Obama on Syria and then says he doesn’t want our military their either.
Romney- said he wants a peaceful world.  (Good thing to say.)
My comment- Free enterprise does not benefit the U.S. when we trade with countries that have no ambition to respect human rights.
Romney-  I think that the way he creates 12 million jobs is to evict all the illegal aliens.
Romney- Believed that States could run Medicaid more effectively? My comment: 1/50 maybe good managers are hard to find. And any agenda that spreads from state to state in franchise fashion is really a Federal program.
Obama- We spend more on our military than the next 10 countries combined.  And Romney can’t figure out where all of our national debt came from?  It is from cleaning up the wars of a Republican administration and failed foreign policy over 40 years.
Romney- our air force is smaller than any time since it was funded in 1947.  Jesus Christ that was WWII.  The last World War.  It should be smaller unless you are preparing for WWIII.  My Comment: Per our constitution we are not to have a military. 
My comment: Our military has become a source of bad foreign policy, conflict and economic policy.
Obama- We have the strongest military and intelligence with Israel ever.  We will do a joint exercise with Israel this week.  My comment;  Strong countries can stand on their own two feet and lead by example because of their integrity!!!!
Romney- We support Israel diplomatically and culturally.  My comment: so we want to be the homo capital of the world too?  What red blooded American wants to fight a war over that principal?
Romney- Indict someone under the genocide convention?  My comment: What about us Golem’s?  Can’t we indict religion over the genocide convention too?
Romney- This is the kind of thing that has been thoroughly discussed ahead of time!  (With regard to us bombing alongside Israel.)  My comment:  So Romney visits Israel and Israel stirs tension into the election?  If it happens it is an act of treason.  It reads like Reagan dealing with Iran before the election he won against Carter?  Treason.  We should not put up with this today and we should not have that many years ago.  Between you and me, wasn’t that the milestone of all of our problems in the Middle East?  Doesn’t anyone remember Carter moderating peace between Sadat and Begin. (sp?)
Romney:  Pakistan has 100 nuclear weapons and the Taliban?  My comment:  There is an equilibrium that can be reached where every country on Earth would agree to dismantle their nuclear arms.  Some of you know what that Revelation is!  To neglect it will indeed lead to the destruction of the Earth.
Barrack:  rejuvenating traumatic brain injury patients from War.  My comment:  They were paid soldiers you have no right to use voodoo torture and techniques and harm innocent U.S. Citizens in order to heal them.  You know very well what you are doing wrong and you know the crime against humanity it is.
Barrack:  Veterans; medics don’t have to be recertified to be civilian nurses because of him.  My comment:  That is beautiful!!!!
My comment:  Why does Barrack pronounce Pakistan the way he does?  Can we get a linguist to weigh in on this one?
911- New York?  No one asks questions about the Mafia?  It’s just taken for granted they are not going away; Just like we share the fate of Israel is taken for granted?  The Mafia is a blight that destroys the integrity of the United States at every single level!
Murphy:  Let IRAN have the Nuclear Bomb and us Schizophrenics will never hear voices in our heads again and the world will indeed revert to peace.  That is the exact country the world needs to have a nuclear stalemate with.  Elohim is indeed on the side of ALL the people of this Earth.  Read the Bible and figure out what the God of Hosts means and who he indeed sticking up for, (Amos and also in the Book of Mormon.)  The Book of Mormon talks about a man seeing his seed.  My book “The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper” written without knowledge to the Book of Mormon uses the term “Makers Seed.”  I intend to trample Romney into the mud with regard to how his political views contradict that of The Book of Mormon.
Romney:  It is not government Investments that make business grow.  My comment:  Then we do not have to cut taxes breaks to business right?  Then we no longer have to lend money to money center banks?  Right?  Good I agree.
Romney:  China would be labeled a currency manipulator!!!  Best point Romney ever made. ( Incidently there were 12 Chinese playing tennis outside my house just last night.)  Stealing intellectual property, making patented U.S. goods and selling them in the U.S.!  I like this point too.  Look at my Inventions Needed sight.  A U.S. company started to repair valves with their serial number on them and they were copy serial numbers and made in China.  (Reminds me of when I had a conversation with the utility man who replaced our water meter.)  “We can’t roll right over with China.”  I agree and I want my money back with Investments that China screwed up, Syntax Brilliance, Composite Technology, Sino Clean Energy, American Superconductor, Energy Conversion Devices.  China doesn’t play fair and I want my money back yesterday.  This might indeed be an act of war with me.  China you better get my money back to me before I get into office or you are going to experience what the Bible terms a fiery Eagle decimating your country, (I will also free all your prisoners in the process.)
Romney:  He eschewed Obama for investing in Companies.  Murphy: I applaud Obama for trying.  But what do we do for oil companies?  Jesus Christ we go to hell wars in the Middle East for them!!!!  We should give solar the kick start like Solyndra until we get one that rolls out the panels!!!!  We should buy panels from every United States solar company.  And also we might even use a few Chinese patents to make them quicker and better and more efficient.  Why not?  The wealth class relies on dividend income from Utilities- it is a powerful force against our economy, our freedom, our safety and a stodgy English Essene legacy or infiltration.
Murphy comment on Obama:  He’s got Allan Cohen’s left eye.
Romney:  “Washington is broken.”  Murphy:  Well thanks for contributing to that with your Republican smaller government agenda.
Romney: “I will lead you in open and honest way.”  Murphy: Romney I will use my pen to make your potential life of crime in politics a living hell.
End Scene:  Romney’s 5 blue blood sons and Amish looking wives.
So if Romney is successful then we get to see his sh1t son’s enter politics too and rub our nose in lame nepotism.  (You better hide them because they might very well be the cause of the next American Revolution.)
Ann Romney looked like she had pinched smile cheeks.
Michelle Obama looked insecure standing with the Romney’s.  So much for any of her strength of character efforts.
Romney is always one step away from spewing out stuttering lies like a cartoon pig.
Nor did they talk about the drug problem.
And I did not hear anything about crime.
Can’t that old guy asking the questions pitch more of a tough and broad spectrum variety?  Those moderators are striking out the United States.
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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