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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inventions Needed 10 10 2012 Trimmer with 4" cutting surface

Inventions Needed 10 10 2012 Trimmer with 4" cutting surface

A hair trimmer with the mechanism of a nose trimmer but with a 4” cutting length surface.
Background:  Many body builders like to remove their bodily hair.  Olympic runners and swimmers do to; because it reduces drag and makes them faster and more likely to win a competition.
I like to remove my bodily hair because I feel that one is less likely to pick up germs from public places.  The background to this idea is that the reason a person has bodily odor is because it attaches to the hair follicles.  If it cannot attach to the hair follicle you are less likely to have bodily odor.  And you are less likely to have it attach to the hair follicle when you have trimmed your bodily hair.  And indeed the cause of body odor is from a germ that attaches to the hair follicle.  So there we have what is called a logical proof.
The point is that a trimmer like this would allow one to quickly trim their arms and legs, rather than having to reach about with a 1” trimming surface.

PS People wonder how I think of such things.  Easy.  I was up on a ladder all yesterday afternoon with rope and tackle trimming a Walnut Tree.  This is called translational learning.  It means that you do not stop thinking after you are done working for the day.  A small red squirrel had found a way to store Walnuts under the gutter guard on our eve trough.  He had filled the whole length of one trough under the gutter guards like he was in the process restocking shelves at a farm supply store.

PS With all these Inventions I think of I am surprised you have not labeled me a false prophet?  Are not inventions something someone prophetizes that others need?  And of course any rich and false righteous preacher will be sure to pontificate that there are no more prophets in the world because their are only allowed to be those mentioned in the Bible and no more.

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