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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The China Smokestack and Brown Water Beef Corporation 10 31 2012

The China Smokestack and Brown Water Beef Corporation
No one is looking out for you in the United States today!  Just like no-one thought to see that there wasn’t lead in coffee cups imported from China.
Just look at every politician and you realize the only reason they are given the media exposure is because they are completely incompetent, weak willed and evil minded!
Even those who talk the good talk don’t have the strength, confidence or belief in themselves and what they believe in their own adopted opinion in order to follow through with it.
Neither Romney nor Obama have their own minds.  Romney doesn’t believe in anything and Obama doesn’t know the meaning of what he believes in.
They are puppets that dance very well to the will of a delusional money class!  And they are fed like chickens in a barn yard by that money class.  Have you noticed that all the political parties were concerned about going into this election was asking for money?  It sure takes the heat of responsibility away from them answering questions and giving speeches with regard to policy.  It puts the onus on the voter instead of the responsible politician.  He didn’t win because YOU didn’t contribute, not he didn’t win because he did not believe in anything.  It should be he didn’t win because he didn’t make any sense whatsoever.  It should be he didn’t win because he could not formulate policies for the public.  But instead it is he/she didn’t win because you didn’t contribute. 
Its like, “Hey, there walks misery he just saw for sum certain what a good man can accomplish.”
What is next?  There is no more beef to eat in the United States because it has a disease so we instead get to eat China Smokestack and Brown Water Beef.  It has a ring to it doesn’t it, “The China Smokestack and Brown Water Beef Corporation”  Sure to play a part in the future of world history.
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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