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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Human Rights 10 31 2012

Human Rights 10 31 2012

So we didn't know Jews were being put into Gas Chambers in WWII in Germany?  It makes one want to look and examine the technology to see if it was all German or some was imported from the United States.  Back to the point, we didn't know Jews were being put into Gas Chambers in WWII; how do we know people aren't in slave labor prison camps in China with minds that are wiped via the use of non-lethal weaponry?

The Energy China uses and pollutes with is from making goods for the U.S.  The slave labor is also for the U.S?

So U.S. business men were always entertained by Chinese prostitutes.  We both know its true.  And now the Chinese kidnap two Iowa girls in order to have U.S. child prostitutes for Chinese Businessmen?

So the Nazi's repatriotized into the U.S. did two things;

1.  Legitimized Schizophrenia and created a pharmachemical industry to experiment on us further and play god to us.  Who likes to play God to others?  One who is raised by tormenting the souls of human beings in order to develop their verbal ability and intelect.

2.  Concentration Camp Labor in China for U.S. goods.

That boil called Sandy is polluted water being heated faster by the Sun.

Think of it as God pitching a baseball or bowling ball.  Once it is started it will not stop until all the pins are down.  It is the earths way of attempting to rebalance itself.  And it is not an act of God, it is a response to the actions of the archetype of the devil on earth.  I am not speaking about mysticism that record hurricane has a basis in earth physics.  But those who are in power today have the knowledge of a stone age person.  The knowledge of a Stone Person negligently wielding power and destroying all life on earth; extinction!  Thank you feeble minded satanic class who denies that it creates victims that are labeled schizophrenic.  Your future children will not survive on earth because you were such responsible parents!   In every case you got ahead by expending the future of humanity.  And you are human too.

You will see an earthquake in California triggered by the heavy polluted water effect on the balance of the techtonic plates on the Pacific Ocean floor.  For you druggy types it is like watching a Lava Lamp, once the gooh starts to move it balances in solution as everything else compensates in space and moves in relation to it.  And you indeed might have been born genetically compromised by drugs and not want to admit that is the cause of you being different.  Just drink another beer and forget about it right.  Hard to do in New York City today.

Who is it that ignores reality?  Satanic' it's time you unmask yourselves to the world.

Communist China Capitalism is joined to U.S. Capitalism and it liquidates U.S. dollars at will!

China is a giant Kingdom of Satan.

What do you believe in the United States?  That after you steal all the wealth and souls of good people that you will have the earth to yourself?  If that is indeed your belief one would believe that you would be making sure it is still a nice place to live.  But that is not your belief.  Your belief is one of trying to justify a delusion of superiority your mother created in you.

The Corporate structure whereby all business is maintained by increasing earnings is like a wick on your Cherry bomb of the earth.  Everything you do in the name of increasing profits in order to survive lessens humanity and our future.

Open your eye's, Satanism rules in the U.S. and it is far worse than true communism.

Are there good dependent minded and bad dependent minded?  I have yet to confirm that their are goods ones.

Those who expense Human Rights are less than human by definition.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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