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Monday, October 1, 2012

Escape to Rome Via the Thomas Paul Murphy Travel Agency 10 01 2012

Escape to Rome Via the Thomas Paul Murphy Travel Agency!   10 01 2012
We should tax every car with Illinois license plates that enters Wisconsin.  The wealthy from Illinois love to vacation in Wisconsin.  They loved it so much that they figured out a way to own Vacation land in Wisconsin virtually property tax free for the last 20 years.  Who was the Governor of Wisconsin that implemented this program I beg to ask as the local paper opportunistically omitted that aspect.
Onward to Rome for you.  “Scientists have proven homosexual behavior is not……..”  Baloney!  Homosexual behavior is escapism at its best!
Those same scientists, who said, (Homosexual behavior is not…) also created the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world by labeling people who have had their souls stolen by the Satanic race as Schizo.
So that indeed is another form of escapism that I could ban as President of the United States- in addition to Alcohol and Tobacco!
Homosexual is:
A father thinking his son is a woman.
A father not non-physically loving a son like a father should.  IT IS NORMAL AND HEALTHY FOR A FATHER TO ARGUE WITH HIS SON!
A dependence on the disseminated soul of an Elohim.  I will never forget standing in the back row of a small college Catholic Church.  I looked down at the figure of the young woman standing in front of me and started to get aroused.  There was a woman with her son 4 pews in front of me.  He started to play with his Penis at that exact same time.  There was no young woman in front of him.  His mother turned to him and tugged on his shirt and said, “Not now wait until later!”  I also saw the exact same apparent behavior from the leader of a revamp Milwaukee effort.  There was an old Supertramp song that has the lyrics, that go something like, “Poor Johnny two for Nobody ever knew he was Cumming along!”  I finally figured what that song meant yesterday.
A father not caring for a son.
Soul displacement and demon possession by the Satanic race.  Have you ever heard a woman of Roman origin and wonder why she has that deep man’s voice? 
A mother who is an uncaring monster.  To her a child is like an object to be dusted and kept of the display shelf and not cause any question with regard to her psyche or source of intelligence.
Mal-Hormonal influence by forced sexual acts as a child.
A priest molesting a boy and dauntingly making him feel like he is a woman and should like men.
A transgendered soul created by the Satanic race driving the souls of good people from them for money!
A boy that was raised to worship talentless modern false idols rather than develop into a man through the proper attention of truly caring parents.
A marred psyche from frequent and inescapable sexual abuse as a child.

Of course the Lesbian and Gay community will say that none of those apply to them in any way.  Try introspection.  The desire for attention is high among them! Waiting for someone to get at the real origin of the problem are you?
Tell me this, If I ban homosexual behavior in the United States where are the Homosexuals going to escape to?  It has already been proven and it does follow psychological human constructs that are denied by our ES-STEAMED medical community that homosexuals prefer younger men and even boys just like a man often has to ask himself, “Would that woman be old enough to date?”  ( I mean seriously guys am I the only one that asks that question?)  Not only that we are told not to ask a woman how old she is!!!!  What a crock of hooey!!!
Homosexuality is indeed a psychological illness!  I can prove it!  Dependent upon the exact life circumstances of a homo’s life I can tell you why they are that way!!!
I have nothing against homo’s!  Sometimes I even believe that if a certain homo had been my son he would not be a homo today!  Do you know what the medical community with their degrees from what amounts to (Burial Groups) would like to say the former sentence is?; Certain evidence that I am mentally ill!
You who are labeled schizophrenic- you have always been last but you should have been first!
By the way- very few lawyers have their own human soul!  They are all like that evil mothers church kid mentioned above.  Why don’t they have their own soul?  There is a great conflict of interest between being a lawyer and having a human soul!  Law was ¼ of the CPA Exam I passed the first time I took it and I abhorred the company of lawyers at that time and realized that is someone bad that I would never want to be.  So if you were raised by a monster and a male who had his human soul henpecked away from him until all he could be was evil; what are you?
Well whatever you are I believe you deserve human rights too!  And I do indeed pity you for the life that was impressed upon you!  And in that little remnant of a human heart you know I am right!
So if I ban a man being able to bend another man or your son over a barrel where do you go to escape to?  Nope you cannot do that anymore, nor can you as a male develop a fixation for the groin of other males!  If I say you can’t do that either, where will you escape to so you could?  ROME?

You know what else?  If I were President some spoiled mouth black girl or a Jewish woman on television wouldn’t be able to tell you that the desire for men is a normal hetero behavior!  Do you see how the will of evil people shapes what then becomes the supported doctrines of Universities (they are really burial groups from ancient ROME)  Believe it or not there are females in this world who know that what a man who has been labeled Schizo does all day is far more beautiful than their own money rich life and they would go to great lengths of witchcraft to see through the eyes of a man labeled Schizo!  The view they like is like four old hags fighting to see through a crystal ball of someone else’s HUMAN SOUL!  That someone who has them peering through them and commenting is labeled Schizophrenic!  Contrary to what you on television believe yourself to be- it makes you a whole lot of American Filth!
You probably think I love you!  Read this article again- you need help!!!  You like nothing better than being the people that can’t stand YOU because you are mean to them!
Everyone knows a homosexual person (loving another one) can never create more human beings!!!!!  So why legitimize it?  Because it makes the monster happy!  You have no idea the wrath you would face from such a monster if you told them they were different like I do!  And tell me this, what young self respecting nice girl would want to be raised by a loud mouthy rude sickly crotchety overweight rich Lesbian?
You didn’t know where to draw the line in the first place are we supposed to trust the fact that you will draw the line when it comes to children of your same sex?
So if you are plagued by voices in your head fire back with this one in thought, “He spent some time with you didn’t he?”  It implodes them.
Are souls displaced by these monster women and scribed for television?  You bet they are and when it happens it disturbs the natural soul world and homosexuals are created.
You were adopted and raised by Gay parents that had sex with you!  Does this phrase said by a man make sense to you, “I want to find and marry a man and adopt a son.”  Nothing about that sounds the slightest bit abnormal to you?
The Mayan Calendar ends on 12-21-2012.  If you have ever read what I write about the 21st of the month occult you might realize I might no longer be alive then.  Why not?  The 21st of the month is when the satanic attack the human soul.  Remember I cared and wanted to see all children raised in good environments by parents that loved them- ideally their own well adjusted parents.
I have a running nose cold today.  Without an entire world acting like good human beings humanity will not have or be able to develop the antibodies for the plague of germs that is coming!
So some of that stuff mentioned above happened to you and you overcame it and are a well adjusted person?  The point is that some people don’t overcome those things and it is accepted that they don’t and they are then USED to warp our society to be- less than human!
How did I get so smart?  I learned that I could not be both a mean person and a happy person.  My human conscience will not allow me to be mean and also happy.  So I chose to think in responsible terms.  This does not mean that I don’t stick up for my rights and the rights of others- my writing of this is evidence that I do!
I became physically ill by experimenting and becoming a deliberately mean person once.  Oh maybe I insulted someone for no reason other than to make them angry one time.  I realized it was not good for me to be a mean person.  The Satanic are indeed just the opposite of me!  They thrive on being a horror to others because their true self and identity is from the minds of others!  They only can think by deliberately making people angry at them!  Their own sense of soul and self comes from the reflection of your anger for them in their viewing of what they consider the crystal ball- your beautiful mind and sight.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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