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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Band Members Needed 10 18 2012

Band Members Needed 10 18 2012

Serious inquiries only.
Need these instrumentalist.
1.       Trumpet or similar horn.
2.       Guitar
3.       Bass Guitar
4.       Piano/Keyboard
5.       Drums
Must  be able to play or master the instrument styles of,  The English Beat, The Cure, Morrisey, The Doors,….jazz, country, rap beat, etc. etc, etc.  Will be playing all sorts of styles of songs.  Should be able to know how to work as a team and how background music fits with the lyrics.  Usually the way I hear it is some lyrics and then some instrumentals.  And sometimes just lyrics with faint instrumentals in backgrounds.
Non-smokers, non-druggers, etc. only.  Must be the very best musicians. No Alcohol.  No attitude.  Trial Period.  No interfering or objecting to my woman quest.  No bad breaths. 
To provide background music to Thomas Paul Murphy.
The Band will be one of a profit sharing structure.
Band members must have other interests in life that are productive.
I have over 1200 songs written.
You can hear what I sound like my first album is titled “Plantation Songs by Thomas Paul Murphy” It’s online so if you like the voice then you might be interested.  If you don’t like the voice forget it.
Here is a link to the CD:
I respect other people.  My demeanor may seem disrespectful but I am always trying to maintain a focus.  And sometimes I am wrong too.
A Horn background or more rather retort like the English Beat.
Humor, insight, epiphany, religious, spiritual, rock, nuance.
I can’t pay you anything until I get paid.
Do not intend to do too many concerts because I am indeed getting old and achy.
Will be profit sharing, so expect the quality musicians and it could be very good or it might be a flop.  But I think it is worth a try.
I will not put up with any crap.  You are out if you do.
And if I have met you, consider yourself someone to respond to this ad.
Send a link to your YouTube video showcasing your talent to this email address IDGNR@WI.RR.COM

Put "POTENTIAL BAND MEMBER" as subject so I can find the email.
I do not guarantee that I will respond to you if you do.  I put up with a lot of cr@p already.
And don’t know if I get some that I like how to proceed with auditions or interviews, but will likely be both.

And I am thinking you should be in the Milwaukee area.
© Thomas Paul Murphy

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