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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why Books were first burned in the Holocaust 10 10 2012

Why Books were first burned in the Holocaust  10 10 2012

Once the Satanic have imprinted themselves with someone’s mind they want to ban people’s ability to read.  Why because when one reads one learns.  And when one learns via reading one can get ahead in life.  The Satanic are not capable of reading and learning for themselves because they have latched onto someone’s individual soul.  All of their thoughts are indeed linked directly to the person whose mind they are dependent upon.  All written material becomes a threat to them because of this.
So the question then becomes?  Whose mind did everyone one have in Nazi Germany?  I came to an epiphany of belief that all of those Nazi’s might have had Hitler’s mind and not their own.
We are seeing some of this satanic trend in Milwaukee.  Indeed there was talk of not having public schools at all within two years in Milwaukee.  I believe it was a Greek member of the School Board who said that but I cannot be sure.
I also know for a fact that this satanic trend is present in some Wisconsin Colleges and also may be part of the Special Education Movement.  It may have been indoctrinated by the CIA and the necessitated surveillance of Homeland Security?  For once you can observe someone while they are in their home; you can indeed control them and also imprint the minds of your children with them.  You have created a lesser Satanic race!  It is very dangerous and very scary.  I do not like to write any of this material but I am indeed driven from my mind via non-lethal weaponry directed at me from a hidden distance.
What is the point?  Someone who has had their mind imprinted in this way has no true ambition to read for themselves.  Any ambition that they do exhibit is like a person acting to be someone who they are not.  It’s a fake and spoiled belief the satanic have that supports their self delusion.

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