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Friday, October 19, 2012

Ozone Hah Pui 10 19 2012

Ozone Hah Pui  10 19 2012
1.       So our Ozone Layer is Decreasing
2.       It is caused by carbon monoxide emissions from fossil fuels.
3.       Ozone is essentially the O2.

Most people believe that water evaporates from lakes and rivers and pools and forms into clouds only to rain down again and fill the Lakes Rivers and pools.  But the Ozone layer is indeed being depleted at the same time as we are finding that the water in our lakes and rivers and pools is going down.

The expert chemists that achieved all their fame by designing chemicals that deplete the Ozone layer don’t seem to have much of an impact on the negative process.  Can it be thought of that they do not really understand the chemistry in the first place?  The only other conclusion one could come to is that they are not responsible men.  But that would be considered heresy by them.

Most people would indeed say or think in their subconsciousness, so what?  Maybe a little ice cap melts and replenishes the Ozone in some way?  Maybe a little Ocean water evaporates and replenishes the Ozone?  That fact is that is not what is happening and that is not the trend.

The earth is indeed losing water.

If you think about a ray of light from the sun it is the perfect destructo beam from God.  It has both a particle property and a wave property.  You can think of it like my battery operated hand drill that has a hammer drill setting and can go through a cinder block in about 9 seconds.  How does it do this?  In the same way that the destructo beam of a ray of light works.  The particle bombards like the back and forth movement of the bit in the hammer drill movement.  While the particle bombards the rotational movement or the waveform of the light clears the material out of the way.

As the Ozone layer depletes are we at risk of losing all water on earth?  It would appear that is what is in the process of happening.  But once again it would be sacrilegious to say so.  They will put you in a religious prison, they do exist, for espousing such a controversy and responsible belief.

So where is the water going to?  Is it indeed being bound to carbon emission in the atmosphere and then being split by the destructo beam of God so that it can never come back?

I just thought I would put forth my destructo beam philosophy, because I have not really seen anything on the news channels to address the issue.

My prescription for the planet would indeed be to ban the consumption of alcohol and also put up as many solar photovoltaic cells as possible.  Why ban alcohol?  Because it appears it is depleting our ability to remember something while it is indeed occurring.  Why put up solar panels?  When God gives you lemons you make lemonade.  God is indeed giving us more direct unfiltered sunlight.

Cosmic radiation passes through our bodies all the time.  That is good because it cures or cancer right?  Radiation therapy for cancer.  Or wait it causes cancer and blistering and peeling off skin right?

You know it is a funny thing the rate of autism is increasing at a very fast rate in a very short period of time.  You know that I have theorized that alcohol strips away the ability of one to form a human soul at the conception and womb stages of development.  What if indeed the increased exposure to that destructo beam from a diminished ozone also has the ability to strip away the human soul?

I suppose I would be labeled a madman if I were to prophesize that people will be wandering around aimlessly while their skin is blistering off.  Oh we can’t have them wandering about aimlessly, we have to give them a purpose or make it seem like they have a purpose. And of course because it is a time of desperation they will allow themselves to consume human flesh.  Sure to them they will indeed rationalize that blistering and peeling human flesh is indeed cooked- so it is okay to eat.  “You have to do what you have to do,” has always been their falsely spoken motto.  As in you don’t have to be responsible ahead of time because that is a sign of weakness but when the time comes to eat human flesh we Republicans want you to know that will be okay to do.  

We can not expect anything good or bad to happen because per our religious healers there are no more prophets, who are the only ones who can prophesize (and create), and therefore for you to prophesize means that you are a heretic and headed for a good ole church prison.  My spell checker does not even recognize my spelling form of the word. Sounds like it was left out of those Kings Religion dictionaries and translated Bibles because the King is the only one who could think of the new stuff.  You just can't do that so we won't have that word.  Church Prisons- They do exist and we are hearing them mentioned more and more.  Of course anyone sent to one is going willingly just like Jesus went to to cross. 

Once that starts you could give the human race about one generation or 30 years time before it is extinct.  But we are told by the words and actions of Republicans that it isn’t a problem at all.  Overstated.  Weak talk.  Isn’t responsible talk that which is characteristic of men?  Yeah and any many who starts to mention an issue that uses the word Balance is indeed a weak minded person.  It’s Friday night, what do you care?  You care so much that you want to forget about everything that happened in the prior week and have a drink.

If that little chicken had said the sky is disappearing would anyone believe him.  No of course not, if he was easier to catch that a person with their flesh cooked they would eat him first, (mocking of political catch phrase coming) IN A TIME OF NEED.

What is my point?  Water is not evaporating into the clouds only to return to earth like everyone likes to believe.  But I don’t dare question your belief system without adding some entertainment to it to keep you happy.

And I don’t dare mention properties of escalation and chain reactions and other acts of God that you won’t be insured for because of a preexisting condition.

And of course the human soul is not subject to injury or insult in any way?  Right that person with the head injury does not have a compromised human soul at all.  Yeah he’ll be alright if we just injure someone else’s head for him?

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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