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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Arne Duncan promoting all digital Text 10 03 2012

Arne Duncan promoting all digital Text 10 03 2012

He missed the whole point with regard to reading and education.  It starts in the home with parents reading to their children.  That is not something we do in front of an idiot box.

Also repitition is the mother of study.  When a parent picks up that same book and reads it again that child is learning anew.  He is developing what he likes best as a story.

There is absolutely no reason to eliminate paper books other than the failure to develop renewable energy and the failure to make text books condensed with regard to paper conservation so a kid doesn't have to carry a camel load to school.

When one looks at that book on the shelf we remember the story inside it.

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Originally Published on 10 03 2012 at: The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News

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