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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Jewish Tribe Believed in Something Better 10 09 2012

My Jewish Tribe Believed in Something Better 10 09 2012

What kind of country is one where, “It is a crime to tell the truth?”
It cannot be said to be a free country of democracy, because a democracy is a country for the people of the people.  And when you are prevented from telling the truth those who prevent you are not for the people nor are they of the people.
So if you pretended to be for the people and of the people but were not you would be duplicitous?  And what would that mean?  You believed conflicting ideas concerning yourself?
So why would you be like this way?  You might have been from a family that was incapable of forming or maintaining their human soul?  This might be because you have  a barely perceptible cognitive deficit related to Alcohol?  What are the characteristics of those with this congenital deficit?
1.       The ability to talk a blue streak.
2.       The modus operandi would be: A. Victimize others to first hear the painful cries.  B. Then maintain insult to them so that you can keep the connection to their thoughts.  C.  Then develop your verbal ability as you drive them from their minds, so that you can maintain a belief in yourself without reference to the delusion of who you are?
Some Jews are this way.  But my Jewish tribe believed in something better.  And it is not anti-Semitism to say so.  Indeed it is the exact opposite.  Why?  Because Jews that were this way would be a great threat and danger to the Jewish religion and its people!
Imagine a human being without a soul influencing another by first surveilling and then mirroring their behavior to become like them in the SPIRIT.  Then the soulless person figures out he can indeed change some of the behavior of the person he has mirrored.  Next he gets him to commit a crime.  “How so, what about free will?”  you say.  Free will falls way to attrition of a daunting and controlling influence and also from the following construct.  Because he has learned the thought process and memories of that person he can indeed get ahead of that person in thought and reinforce a branching type thought that is harmful to that person. 
“Wait a minute!”  A protest is heard, “If one can get ahead of another person in thought doesn’t that mean they are smarter and it is really their thoughts?” 
“Untrue and here is why?  If I am watching an Olympic athlete running and appreciating the beauty of their stride, do I not know about where their next foot will be stepping?  Do I not know about where they will be in 5 seconds?  Easy to know, right?  Even though it is not my feet running in the race.”
“But how can ones free will be diverted?”
“He knows that person’s reward system in thought!  It is easy to know this because most human beings reward systems are based on reproductive and monetary gain to provide for room and board for themselves and their family.  He gets that person to commit a crime based on distraction and then making connections and branches of that person’s memory and thought and reward system.  –And to commit a crime without even knowing why they did so!  That criminal, usually a lifelong victim of this process, then becomes someone that they have created as a point man in their plot of demonizing someone anew for their soul!  ( Best way not be a victim in this process is to be a good person from the start of your life and not a false righteous person.)
Now lest say that there are a group of people who learned that if they tortured others they would see through their eyes and have some sense of future knowledge from it?  I am of course describing ancient or modern Druids of the Island England?  But what if these people did indeed know what they did was wrong and that if they did get caught they would be punished?  They would attempt two things in response to this.
1.        Seek to find subtle ways to torture.
2.       Evolve so that their perception could be based on the expelled reproductive semen of men and something else for women!
Once they evolved to be this way it would be extremely hard to prove.  But if you have indeed lost your soul to thought deprivation by voices then you have indeed found your own proof!
Take comfort as one source of their unhappiness will always be, “You can’t steal a good soul to be a good soul!”
If the condition is due to alcohol would there be any negative risks to society if we banned it?  Alcohol can cause subtle and barely perceptible cognitive deficits- such as the need to be dependent on another’s soul?
How would you feel if I told you those who are victims of such a group of people are labeled Schizophrenic, in the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world?
How would you feel if I told you that people are victimized into mental illness by those who are born with a barely perceptible cognitive deficit relating to alcohol?
How much better would a world be if it recognized this in amnesty?  We would be a lot further ahead wouldn’t we?  People drink to forget the pain of their problems,  they also forget a lot more than that when they drink.  Some forget what a good person they once were!  I also believe that some people drink at the end of the day to both forget, deny and reinforce what a bad person they are!
So how can you tell if a Druid has assumed power?  It is very easy, ask them for a solution to a known problem and they will deny there is a problem.
So what is financial based usury?  It is when this group of people lends you money so that they can use it and the fees and interest to make and maintain a connection to your human soul- through the worry it causes you!
Schizophrenic, the Financial Industry knows who you are!  That is why they won’t give you insurance payments commensurate with your disability!  That is why they did not want to insure you for the preexisting condition of this!  Their soul is based and maintained on the misery of your molested mind.
Here is where the story gets even better.  They won’t bay you for your disability but they will still loan you all the consumer debt you need!
Here is where it gets the best!  Social Security does not take into account your stock market gains because the legistlatures set it to be this way.  Why?  Because they know you are better at it than they are!  It is their way of life to rely on you and they cannot do so if you have lost interest in what makes money!  Dependent minded Druids of the English Banking Legacy- now wearing Tea Party Logo Apparel!
There is one thing that Corporate Banks cannot do.  They cannot succeed over the long term without resorting to usury or the equivalent of usury.  Why not?  Because the stock market corporate model is one where a corporation only stays in business if they make more money year after year.  Human error and indeed the false nature of the Druid self delusion of believe will contribute to very poor lending over time.  Also the promotion of those who do not posses pragmatism, ie Druid nepotism will also lead to poor lending practices over time.  So in very clever and misleading fine print and deeply hidden legalese in legislation it becomes legal once again to charge an interest rate that is usury.  Fees and late charges are all interest and usury too.  And usury indeed puts a member of society in a situation whereby they cannot make a living to support themselves.  In effect they are denied of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Usury is illegal as is harassment.  And harassment is indeed when you have a credit card company from an English Bank based in the Philipines the same place that offshore online gambling operations are based calling you five times a day.  By the way the online gambling operators need to make the connection to your human soul because they use your future to set the odds and make a profit.
Want to mess up the Druids?  On the night of the big game take one SAM E pill and go for a drive in the country.  If you are getting a sense of what the Druid psyche is maintained by you realize that when you are relaxed and happy the Druids are miserable and cannot function.
My Jewish Tribe Believe in Something Better
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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