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Monday, October 1, 2012

Better Gas Mileage 10 01 2012

Better Gas Mileage 10 01 2012

If automobile makers were forced to use LED’s lights of the same lumen output as standard original equipment bulbs cars would get better mileage because there would be a greater spark to the spark plug.  Not only that; but the car battery would last a lot longer because it would be less depleted.  That would mean less of an environmental hazard.  LED bulbs last longer so there would also be less incidence of a collision based on driving in a car that had a bulb just go.
LED’s bulbs should indeed be considered standard equipment on all electric cars for this very reason.
What did I do differently the last time that I changed the oil on the car?  I took a clean rag and wet it with tap water and then used it to wipe off the radiator hoses.  I really don’t trust any chemical on radiator hoses because of the dynamic of heat, pressure and chemical.  Removing the dry dust from the hoses should increase the life of the hoses as there is no insulating factor to the heat of the hose via the layer of road dust buildup- that indeed leads to dry rot.  And dry rot means a blown hose, an overheated car, and an environmental hazard.
To get all the old oil out I raised and tilted the car with a jack so that the oil ran to the pan plug fitting; just like the last time.  But also the filter on the car is one that is not on an angle so I filled it, the new one, with new oil like a cup before I installed it.
I took the old oil into the auto parts store recycling drum.  But I thought about that too.  I used a standard pail from the hardware store with a lid.  After I filled the car with new oil but before I dumped the old oil from plastic catch pan I use under the car I put the empty plastic quarts nozzle side down into the bucket.  They stacked that way pretty good and the fresh drops that were in them that collected on the bottom of the bucket I wiped along the inside of the bucket so that it would be easier to clean once I poured out the used motor oil from it.  It is kind of like spraying a cookie sheet with oil spray so the cookies don’t stick?

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