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Monday, October 1, 2012

Common Wealth 10 01 2012

Common Wealth 10 01 2012

There is a whole lot of meaning in those two words with regard to intent and the life’s history of those who created and used the phrase.  What they meant was they knew very well of the influence of the satanic and how wealth was created by them.  The phrase Common Wealth negates the very life principal of the Satanic- to get ahead by stealing the ideas and soul of a human being.
If you look at an object made in the late 1800’s such as a gun mechanism you see the whole thing was patented.  Why?  Someone figured out how to make something that worked, with their own two hands, and that something got recognition for it in the form of a patent.  That is truly beautiful isn’t it?
A person ought to be able to think of something and put in a claim for free that they thought of it and how.  How did they think of it?  Inventions come from a mind that transforms one type of learning into another.
A person ought to be free to do so without having their mind molested and ideas stolen by a less than human satanic freak!  Or burial group of satanic freaks that are employed at a University Corporation!  Both the University as a corporation and the Corporation itself were reintroduced relics of a satanic regime the founding fathers chose to flee from!  And they did leave and they were the greatest men!
A Corporation should never be able to hold title to a patent!  Never!!!
This is a country dominated by fur ears and no good human being would ever choose to live among them!
© Thomas Paul Murphy
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