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Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Lord Jesus Christ Believed in the Existence of the Devil 10 19 2012

Our Lord Jesus Christ Believed in the Existence of the Devil 10 19 2012

When Jesus Christ took the Cross he did not say “The Devil Dyes with me today.”
When I went to Catholic School it was frowned on that we asked too many questions about Satan.
So Jesus Christ is indeed put onto the cross under a great duress, right?  You can’t argue that.  Even though the way it is spinned to us implies the opposite is true.
So it isn’t Jesus Christ who is up there on the cross singing the song, “Dying I do save your death. ..refraim, etc.”
So then are we not to believe in the existence in the Devil after the death of Jesus Christ?  No we are not because Jesus Christ took away all of our sins or was the guilt for all our sins or the responsibility for all our sins?  Who is it that needs someone else to be responsible for all their sins?
So Jesus Christ could see Satan in other people but we are not to look for it in other people because indeed it is projecting a negative psychological construct unto other people?  So we see horrific crimes in our society and we are not to look for suspects?  We see crimes that classify as being Satanic in origin and we are not to look for the archetype of satan because he died on the cross with all our sins?  It reads like indoctrinating someone not to question a ponzy scheme?  It reads like someone is not to question a text that reads like it is written as a ponzy scheme?
So Jesus believed in evil people and pointed the finger at who they were but no-one else is to ever to this again because…. they died on the cross with him?
Do you ever see the evidence of this indoctrinated belief on television?  They look at each other and can’t figure out why something like that happened again?  The highest paid psychologists are consulted and the next time it happens the front men shake their heads and do not know why again.
And we are never to extend the logic we were supposed to learn about how the Bible describes Satan as being soulless to any of our modern problems?  Our Lord and the Bible are just not applicable in this instance.
I give up.  Nail me to one too.  I will say that.  But you can bet your life I wouldn’t go willingly.  It is just a figure of speech expressing my displeasure for the greatest lie in the history of the world.
Do people often use figures of speech that someone else readily embraces to mean something different than it does in order to take advantage of that person and society as a whole?  Some people do indeed relish in it.
Does the phrase and his kingdom will know no end regarding Jesus Christ mean that he is the only one who would survive a worldwide catastrophe?  How could this be true?  What if the nature of Satan was that Satan indeed procreated until it was only Satan on earth and one good soul that Satan the soulless relied on?  If all the other souls were dependent on the Jesus Christ Archetype soul it would mean that…well it would indeed suggest that there is indeed a certain permanence with regard to the soul of Jesus Christ that cannot be …the good soul being the immortal soul?  There is indeed a passage in the Bible that supports this theory.  But in order to understand it you have to substitute the word God for Satan.  It goes something like Satan and all his minions descended to earth and when he dies they all die too.
Epiphany: God Bless those who do not have their own. So that they can have their own some day in order to save themselves and all like them?
How can a person determine what constitutes an evil person when we are taught not to believe in the existence of one.  How can a person profile an evil person if they are taught not to believe in the evil person.  How can a solder in the Middle East sidestep a roadside bomb if he was taught it was a crime to try and figure one out.  Men think in terms of ensuring people in safety all their lives.
The next thing a deconstructionist would want to say is that because someone believed in the existence of the devil they are the devil.  If I see you stole an apple from my tree does that mean I am an apple thief too?
The existence of the Satanic minded might indeed be a natural phenomenon that people were afraid or ashamed to explain; and that is the dynamic force that makes it an evil phenomenon?  Could the phenomenon be reinterpreted with current knowledge so that there is not shame and therefore evil motive in such lives?  (One person sits in the apartment apex of his pyramid while those who never sought to live their own lives seek retribution for their existence? That is indeed the theme of one of my favorite movies.  Apple thief aren’t I?)
Done typing, don’t know why I bothered.
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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