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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Origin of Slavery 10 22 2012

The Origin of Slavery 10 22 2012
Sephardic =Shepherd
In the Bible the word shepherd takes a prominent role.  Shepherd in the context of the Bible really means one who looks out for other people.  It is a metaphor used in the Bible for such people. What a Noble thing to do.
And let’s say there are members of your family that are feeble in some way?  Would it or would it not be best to keep them busy?  I mean if you can’t keep them busy (occupied) you would not be able to care for them.  How can you both provide for someone of feeble mind and at the same time look after them?  It cannot be done.  You cannot provide for someone when you have to constantly watch them.  (I digress in thought to the hyperactive kid or bully in the classroom.)
Once again you could have abandoned those feeble children and let them die but it was instead a noble thing to take them under your wing.
So let’s say they weren’t your children but your dead brother’s children you shepherded?  If you had a son too, might he resent taking care of them?  Might he be jealous of all the time you spent with them and not him your son (or daughter?)
And how would such a child of yours act out this resentment towards them in your absence?
And how would this child of yours treat them when you are dead?
Is this where they viscous nature of slavery and the dependent mind comes from?
And could your child even come to be jealous of the feeble minded because they were more intelligent than his idle, introverted and spoiled personality? 
He is going to whip them isn’t he?  He might even kill you out of resentment?
So you want to legalize marijuana in three of the United State’s?
What parent could vote for this?
Reality check!  What hard working farmer wants to fee them?  What hard working farmer brings his daughter to town to marry a pot head or drunk?  No farmer ever wanted to have to take care of a resultant feeble minded child along with the livestock!  He is not going to support you and nor should he!
I am getting the picture of an evil Greek man mounting a herd of feeble minded human beings at will in his pasture as I write this.
If you keep suing fossil fuels to farm you will create such a hole in the ozone you won’t be able to grow anything!  And that is when you start eating people?
But God or the Balancing Effect of the earth will likely destroy most before the cannibalism.
The Sephardic Jews were kicked out of Spain in 1490.  Columbus sailed in 1492.  What Jewish tribe did ABRAHAM Lincoln evict under the guise it was Grants order during the Civil War?
And if the Sephardic Jews did indeed have such a presence in the U.S. did they orchestrate the genocide in Germany?  Both Tesla who loved to Hobnob and drink with the upper class in New England and fascist party Marconi developed magnetic wave weapons pre WWII.  What is the first thing a male inventor does?  We can be assured these two wanted to know if it possessed a risk to human health?  At what threshold does it make one bleed?  Actually Marconi’s interest in the technology was heightened when another inventor died from the effects while working on it.
Everyone likes to believe the upper class is the smartest.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  There is no incentive for them to learn when everything is given!  So they do indeed not learn. This only leads to what you see as idle minded wickedness being viewed as intelligence!  It is not intelligence it is feeble and irresponsible.  What is the first thing this upper class likes to do when they go off to college?  Think of the Biblical terms of soul theft and satan and the victims being given the modern term of schizophrenic.  Find ways to subliminally torture or haze students from good middle class families.
So indeed in ancient times there is evidence that there was a feeble minded class of people and hence the widespread use of the term Shepherd.  And also the Kosher Purity law to try and prevent the feeble minded from being born.  The Kosher purity law failed to include Alcohol or modern drugs and tobacco.  And if indeed Jesus was a leader of a school of thought then he might like a drink but no-one else should have been allowed to have a drop.  Being a leader of a school of thought is indeed an arduous task.  But because Jesus is pictured in the last supper with a goblet of wine then everybody else thought they could be just as smart if they had a drink too?  No, no, no!  It doesn’t make you smarter.  And it likely makes your offspring feeble minded without their own soul.  But no well entrenched American has yet to admit it.
So we develop a nation and maybe even a world of pot smokers.  That is right useless pot smokers that no-one wants to shepherd or care for?  Who would want to have them marry their children or raise children in their presence?  I would think that there would be people who would take up arms and risk their lives to prevent this from happening, but we have not seen that yet! It is just my prediction of how things might happen.
Obama did indeed have the federal authority to prevent this but he neglected to do so.  Black people were indeed once slaves and it helps them not to take drugs.
When then comes about are rifles with THC sensing scopes!  The Bible tells of some other destructive things that sting and kill most people on the planet earth.  Some do indeed go through intense pain of five months and survive.  But maybe it is those who cannot endure the pain who will indeed perish; those who were substance abusers?
No-one knows where the aids virus came from.  No-one will know where the pain or death virus comes from either.
And if you and I are survivors I hope to shake your hand afterwards.
© Thomas Paul Murphy

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