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Monday, October 1, 2012

Why ISRAEL Fell in the First Place 10 01 2012

Why ISRAEL Fell in the First Place  10 01 2012

That is a history term you never hear, "The fall of Israel."  Convenient ha?
Bear with me on this one.
Mark 2:17 On hearing this, Jesus said to them, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."
That second sentence is thought and speech that is being intruded upon and fragmented by the satanic- that is why the clause is at the end and often puzzling as to its meaning.  As Jesus, a Jew, is trying to speak the living devil is trying to change the words that come out of his mouth into meaning something else.
Who is the Devil?  You have to look at Modus and Operendi to figure this one out.  The San Haydon meet and decided to kill Jesus.  What was the reason?  “He knows what we do!”
What word do you get phonetically by truncating the phrase San Hadron and removing the center or heart of it?  Phonetically you get Satan! The same process that the Satanic use to destroy the credibility of a person whose soul they steal also reveals who the Satanic were and are.
The San Hadron were the wealthy leaders of the Jewish Religion. 
But you have to ask yourself why does a person need to steal the soul of another person? Most people are normal and could not conceive of such an action.  Now we get into why Israel fell.
The San Hadron, or wealthy Jews of Israel sided with the invading Roman army.  They sold out the Jews of Israel.
So how does one get wealthy in ancient Israel anyway?  We know for a fact from the Bible that they had wine.  Not everybody had the grape vines or the property to grow them on or the ability to produce wine.  Wine being alcohol and a definite form of escapism.  So who would need to steal the soul of a human being like Jesus Christ a Jew?  It might very well be someone who did not develop normally as a human being because their parents drank wine during conception while she was pregnant and during childhood.  What is the greatest ignored fact in science?  It is that alcohol deprives human cells of oxygen!  And who would have easy access to alcohol?  Would it indeed be the rich wine growers? 
So what happens when your family and members are blue faced without being blue faced?  You have to learn from a leader of a school of thought.  Jesus was indeed their leader.  As you grow and age what you learn is that you could have learned everything you learned from that leader on your own if you had just tried for yourself.  So in resentment of what you have become you seek to destroy not yourself but the nagging reminder to your lifetime failure.  The modern word for a leader of a school of thought is Schizophrenic. 
Mathew supports this with, “Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell someone.”  The San Hadron told the Romans and they paid to have him killed.  The Roman Empire was not a holy one.  That is the worst like your history book ever tried to legitimize.
Israel fell because the San Hadron or wealthy Jews sold it out to the Romans.
So what else is going to fall in the same manner as Israel fell?  You get it- it’s called the planet earth and humanity.
Believe it or not I like all people.  That is not my issue.  I am not one who would sell a human being for money.

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