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Sunday, February 23, 2014

ADHD need more stimuli and a Constitutional Economy 02 23 2014 updated #3

ADHD need more stimuli 02 23 2014

Like what watching lions kill and eat a human being in a Roman Coliseum?

Like visual imagery of a woman being ganged raped at an Ivy League University and forced by Confederate Republican law to keep the child?

Need more stimuli?  You could make the same arguement with regard to monkeys in a tree!

The problem of someone not being able to sit still is not one of them needing more stimuli!  What do you want to do give them twice the school load of material?  That would be more stimuli wouldn't it?

Oh lets see what you would think of next?  You would say that you found it very helpful if you were allowed to show images of sexual victimization of children to be played on the screen where the chalkboard used to be while the teacher is teaching standard material?

Or they would really like it if they could view the imagery of a video game in the background where a man is running through a building with a variety of weapons including flame throwers?

Now maybe if you played a nature video of an open praire or jungle in the background that might be a good way right?  And of course it will cost a lot more money to do that won't it!

Or how about this one?  If you were to allow them to taunt a human being while they were trying as hard as they could to earn an honest living!  That would make your offspring happy and therefore more able to learn?  And learn to do what beat up the other children and receive an athletic scholarship?

So your children cannot pay attention to an adult who already has their limits of human patience stretched.  Maybe if he came to work in a costume every day.  Like your child wasn't really at school in order to sit and learn but more like he was at a Carnival instead!  Yes giant pictures of rollercoasters!  Or better yet how about a basketball game with betting odds tied to a local casino highlighted in the background, so that your child can scheme and learn math by gambling on professional sports and thereby doing more great wonders for our Constitutional Economy!

And that is exactly what the United States needs today something called a Constitutional Economy so that they rights of the human being are not infringed upon by the rights of your special needs children.

Or maybe your very gifted children would like to see the image of a teacher after he finds his car is stolen after he left school for the day!  Or wouldn't it be great if they could watch an imagery of a teacher being beaten over the head by children wielding sticks!  More stimuli?  Isn't that what every drug user uses drugs for?  Because they want more stimuli!  That is indeed how Lady Gaga says her song lyrics are inspired.  So why don't you pass out the refers in class?  And maybe allow the children to come with war painted faces too?

What is wrong with you.  There is a simple fact that you cannot pay or earn enough of a living to chip in your share of money to have your special children educated or those like them!  Hence they do not belong in the United States but rather a third world undeveloped nation!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And I don't see how anyone can read the paper this morning about the woman who was raped by the guard at the Mental Health complex Scott Walker was in charge of without believing that the man who did that should receive the death penalty!  No valid Governor or Presidential hopeful would let that pass!

Are you really trying to tell me that the rest of us are supposed to foot the bill to feed and house someone that committed a crime that bad?  Are you actually hopeful he will be released to live a normal life someday?  Tell me what woman on earth would want him living in their neighborhood near them and their children?

Scott Walker won't have him executed because Scott projects his own self pity upon him.  If I were Governor he would be gone and that would be Conservatism!

And maybe when your ADHD child gets older he will find the stimulation that he needs in life from overseeing INMATES at our mental health complex like  Xavier Thicklen did???

Or better yet what if you encouraged them to suck their thumbs or use a pacifier in class?  That and maybe the best behaved child gets to cosuckle with a woman nursing her newborn baby?

As a taxpayer I wouldn't mind paying for a program whereby such people could seek voluntary sterilization.  Would de- hormoaning help them?  Yes!  Why?  Because for some reason their drives and goals in life which are governed by hormones have become sickened.  That hormonal drive to receive an academic education for the benefit of society whereby a man of healthy mind and body seeks to marry a woman and raise children in peace has become transformed and it is driven by hormones!   And I can tell you that if it doesn't happen to them it will end up happening to the rest of us by them someday!   And could you ever prevent them from consuming alcohol and starting the behavior again after they claim to be rehabilitated and met such requirements?  I doubt it!  So they will pose a continued liability in society no matter what you do!  By now you are getting a hint at what the only answers are.  What does a drug user or dealer or pimp ever need hormones for?  Those hormones are to help human beings succeed in life not the beast!

And maybe if there is someone who claims that they have the opposite gender than their physical body dehormoaning would help them too!  They might realize something right away!

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