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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Mormons Declare War on Masterbation! 02 24 2014

 The Mormons Declare War on Masturbation! 02 24 2014

They nailed this one!  The disseminate product of masturbation from men is what feeds the energy, profits and souls of the revanents!  

Without that ejaculated Holy Spirit they cannot compete with the rest of us nor can they presume to be human beings like the rest of us!  They revert to mongrelism!  They have a mixed DNA and it does not let them to form a human soul!  Hence they have to live off the discarded life's energy of real human beings that were born in the image of God!

And those who masturbate are at risk for mental illness such as schizophrenia because that is how their souls are split; the mind of the beast uptakes from that life energy force!  To the point where it mirrors the thinking of that human being and can mock their thoughts!

The way they start a human being to masturbate is by sexually molesting them!  Hence the human being becomes one who wants to take control of their own privates and masturbates!  Much like you see a dog or other animal licking its testicles after it got into a toothing fight!  And have you ever seen where those big horses teeth try and nip at?  You get it!

This was indeed the goal of the priests in the Catholic Church!  And this was also FDR's reason for bringing back the legality of alcohol!  Those who don't have their own soul don't really have to worry about oxygen brain cell death because they wake up the next day and presume to be the schizophrenic whose soul they have split!

In effect the Bible comments on this with the phrase, "What does the desire for the sloth hole do to a man?  It killith him!

And what you are going to find out if you masturbate is that there are others who are masturbating at the same exact time you are in order to sync up with your human brain!  I can prove this from more than one experience!  And you won't believe it but I will tell you and try to explain anyway!  One day while standing in Church I started to get an erection as I looked at the figure of the college girl in front of me.  Three rows ahead of me in the small church a boy with glasses was standing with his mother.  He doubled over as he started to stroke himself and he asked his mother if it was alright if he did it there!  And I know what you are thinking he just had to urinate?  No that wasn't the look!  Another time in the screened shower at the health club while I was washing up I started to think about the woman scantily clad in the gym and get an erection.  Afterwards I went downstairs from there where there was to be an art exhibit going on and saw that a man from Milwaukee who is very popular was glossy eyed and bent forward at the waist as if he had an erection and didn't know what to do about it!  His girlfriend was somewhat attractive and another prominent figure in Milwaukee Politics!  They want to eke that out of you!  I once walked past a very hot brunette who was on the treadmill.  As I walked behind her and she was running she quickly dropped her spandex shorts below the buttox and then pulled them up real quick!  I have seen hot young blonde women come into the gym when I was the only one there and use a weight bench with their legs spread on the end and short riser shorts.  Couldn't help to look and she wasn't wearing any underwear! They dress that way at a young age because they are trying to eke that out of you and it is your intelligence and your soul!  Perhaps the J. Giles band states it best with the lyrics from their song, "My memory has just been stripped, my angle is a centerfold!"

Okay so what happens when you do this for a period of decades and then stop?  You get your soul back and you have more energy than ever!  And you will find that the natives will get very restless in your presence!  They will threaten you!  In fact you will be so strong that a group of young boys can come and chant to you from the tennis courts across the street while you are moving ton slabs of concrete with a large metal rod for two days and you will see them dropping over exhausted.  Why?  Because they were parasitic to your lifes energy!  They were part of the origin of the voices that chanted to you as is the whole satanic community of the United States!

So the Mormon Church broached the issue but there is more to it than that!

If you do masturbate there is another class of people that will come after you as if you have wiped their memories clean and they just fell off the turnip truck!  This might indeed be the gestalt of the blue collar workers in the movie Brazil asking the man for a permit.  Hard to explain but that gestalt is there.  But that is indeed the movement that a Doctor Kaufman in New York wanted to castrate every schizophrenic and all their family members!  They are that influenced by it!  You wouldn't believe a person would be but they are!  The reason being is because they might have a mental defect from the beginning of life that does not allow their brain to form its own memories and learning, it happens because of alcohol death to the hippocampus but also maybe genetics might have something to do with it!  Hence they should really be thanking you for giving them a sense of self.  But what happens is the next time you were to masturbate their brains would be like a software program going through multiple iterations and getting a memory freeze!  Anyhow there is not remedy for people like that!  When they become older nothing will make sense to them and they will develop Alzheimer's because their brains were circumventing thinking to the central part of their brain the hippo campus!  There is no cure for it!  And there is a passage in the dead sea scrolls that tells of their fate!  Don't have that reference now.

But entire industries of the Satanic live off of that disseminate!  In fact ideas from your soul will be plagiarized and fed into the R and D programs of pirate Corporate America and patented when none of them thought of them!

One might say that Saul who was really Paul from the Orient that killed all the followers of Jesus Christ was hit with that same soul energy on his way out of town and therefore came back to preach in favor of Jesus?  Hard to say.  I also believe that some people have seizures from alcohol but some people have seizures as their defective minds are touched by that Holy Spirit.  And what might that Holy Spirit be said to be?  It is the gift of human life trying to find an ovum to populate up!  That is God as nothing else can be!

I said that the Mormon Church has not gone far enough.  And what do I mean about that?  I mean those who would use microwave and scalar wave weapons directed at the testicles of men in order to kill that holy spirit inside of them!  Thereby those that killed it are re-energized!  While the victim is in pain!  This is what Bill Gates is bragging about when he declares that microwave weapons should be used to sterilize human beings he considers of no value!  The English have always had a problem with the Irish and other human being societies.  The English were Druids that would divine the future by killing a man by impaling him and then reading his life's story and diving his Gods from the look in his dying eyes!  They also came to worship the monkey!  You can worship the intelligent human beings or you can worship monkeys?  What does that choice tell you about the person?

Now the entire industry that spawned Bill Gates Career was stated to have been seeded by the United States Government from crashed alien spacecraft!  That is a bunch of bu11sh1t!  These are English and Satanic molested boys to read their lives future!  That is where all that came from!  It came from the minds of human beings that were zombified through the use of psychiatric medicine!  And the only commonality all the psychiatric medicines have is that they deprive the person forced to take them from using their own higher mind capability!  Hence again we have a higher mind of a human being in comparison to that of a monkey!  Who would do that to a human being?  You could think what you wanted all day long and it would not bother me one single bit because I can't read your mind and nor do I have  a third eye on my  forehead indicating that I can see through your eyes either!  But that is not the Satanic!  If there is a human being thinking and concentrating they actually come to feel that they are part of that person and are indeed becoming drained of energy.  Let me try to give you an analogy.  Lets say that Miss happy likes to hear the songs from other peoples minds.  When you are concentrating it is a song that you are playing and not one she wanted to play or hear anymore, so look out!  That same third eye beast would take this so far that she would see through your eyes while you are in the process of defecating on the toilet and think you are a germy person and should be killed.  Why?  She would state, I don't want to have to see all that!  I agree!  I don't want you to see any of that either!  And hence we have homeland security and surveillance systems!  I once read on the internet how a China man stated that if you could watch what a person did all day long you could eventually learn how to control them! 

The Mormon Church needs to also take a stance against those who would use scalar, microwave and EMF weapons to harm, harass and abuse human beings!  And the Book of Mormon does indeed allude to what I am speaking about when the character in there comments about the product of his seed.  He is referring to people!  The answer is not really related to masturbation but more to limiting birth defects related to alcohol and drugs, ensuring natural selection and also protecting children from sexual abuse!  And also those who make a living in our financial industry or really anywhere people are making money off of the outcome of future events; that is where the Satanic have victimized human beings for their souls!  In fact it is far worse than you could ever imagine the network of Church, Corporation and Pharmacy (Satanic) that seek to ensure that human beings are defeated from thinking!  That is the basis of networking!

The Progressive were FDR!  He brought back alcohol and also gave us the anti U.S. phrase, "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry!  FDR was from French English decent and his family money came from opiate trade with China!  So he did indeed have a family history of knowing how to ruin peoples lives and also kill them for money?  What am I getting at again?  To the satanic none of that matters, drugs alcohol because the next day they will pick right up where they left off with demonizing the life of a human being!

Yep I know this is very hard to read and understand and not articulated well, but I wrote it anyway!  Maybe just maybe it will help someone in need of help some day.  And I could indeed do a much better job of this if I wasn't afflicted with INTERRUPTING VOICES!  And that is indeed what they do!  Can you imagine how much a classroom would learn if they were subjected to the spoiled child that had to MINDLESSLY interrupt the teacher whenever he was making a point. And indeed a woman told me of how she took a college coarse and there was a Russian immigrant in it who did nothing but talk the whole time to her girlfriend and the teacher did nothing to stop it?  The purpose of that disruption as all of these disruptions is to fragment the minds and thoughts of the person with the sound mind who is learning and thinking so that any resident Satanic can "Get in on it!"

Yep, I know you don't believe it, but I don't care!

So if we don't masturbate are we to have sex when we get the raging hormones?  My point is this, there should be those that live from it!  And it needs to be recognized that it is a reality that happens and could pose a great risk to the person masturbating.  Think of a bully waiting for you on the corner and you don't know how he got there or knew you would be there?  Now you know how he knew!  He's not one of us!  And in adulthood that also poses an opportunistic risk or danger to your life.   Know I don't know how it works with women just men.  But perhaps the Indian saying, "blessed is the woman who is the mother of a thousand sons or daughters" or something like that.  The point is that women get their souls split too.  And there are two types of split souls.  That which was never legitimate because of a brain defect.  This would be like that serial killer Basso woman reverting to the voice of her true identity a little girl as she is about to be executed.  And then there is the man or woman who is actively denied using their own mind because of voices.  There soul is not really split but they would like it to be split.  Like many axes trying to bring down a redwood?  Attrition works and can put a person into a mental stupor that can be termed to have mental illness.  And once they put you on the medicine your chances of getting off are slim to almost non existent!  And then there is also alcohol psychosis whereby alcohol causes defects in the hippo-campus that make an adult more prone to take a memory path more consistent to the will of the demonic possessor than themselves!  So if alcohol can potentiate that in an adult think of the damage it does to the developing mind of a fetus!  That is why some are born that way!

I'll say it again, not articulated very well and could indeed be used against me if someone wanted to.  But I don't care!

A father imprinted the mind of his son by showing him how to use a hammer and saw is a documented scientific fact!  Their brainwaves become the same!  What has never been proven is what my High School Law Professor alluded to when he stated, "One cannot chose who their parents are."  Some people in fact try to.  And what am I getting at.  The opposite of imprinting a brain by love but instead by evil!  Where a man hears voices and fights them with thought and therefore imprints the minds of the offspring that attacking his mind!  And indeed in the Gospel of Mark or Mathew just after Jesus has his bad Baptism, it is stated somewhere that when one demon loses the battle against a human soul if finds 6 friends to help it in that battle.  And that is indeed the seven heads of the hydra mentioned in the Bible!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

And what will a voice in your head distract you from figuring out?  You could spend all day conceptualizing how to fix and electrical problem in an outlet.  The gauge reads that it has an open hot!  You could conceptualize how you might have to buy rolls of white and black wire to redo it!  You could dam near get electrocuted because of it.  When in reality you installed a GFCI circuit to protect your mother on the upstairs outlet above it that it was down the line from.  And all you had to do was go up there and press the button.  The way to get around this is to label those down stream of the GFCI outlet that are protected by it with a black magic marker on the faceplate GFCI. And on the back of the outlet frame with where the GFCI outlet with the switch is.  But none of that would happen if you did not hear that odd voice in your head.  And the Department of Defense admitted that they figured out how to make people hear voices in their heads using technology a very long time ago! Colonel John Alexander admitted it!   And the abuse of that is where we get our 17 trillion dollars in debt from today!  It medical fraud.  The symptoms are real and horrific to the individual but they are artifically created using radio type technology.  The human brain works via electrical signals traveling between brain cells.  And that is what the technology is used to defeat,taunt and harass!

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