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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Skyscrapers Have Eyes Too 02 25 2014 update # 2

The Skyscrapers Have Eyes Too 02 25 2014

The Hills Have Eyes implies that children born from incest do not have their own human soul as Satan did not!  It implies also that they can read the minds of men.  When you read the minds of men you do indeed have their eyes!

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How the Gay issue comes into this.  These are people of very low intelligence and they are sleeping with each other!  That means males with males!  And females with females.  That is gay!  Look at how they look too?  They have the devolved ears of Chimpanzees!  Which brings up the next point!  That is the exact same way that some monkey tribes have sex!  Every member engaging in sex with the others!  The human race did not evolve from the monkey by engaging in that behavior!  Sure as the Bible states there might be some miserable ones that are still with us.  So one can make several comparisons with this above knowledge.
Would a normal human being feel safe if they became lost and ended up in that village?
Incest defeated Natural Selection!  Natural selection is what separated the human race and differentiated us from the primates!  The reason why incest should be illegal throughout the entire world is because of the way those people in this family look and behave.  And you cannot integrate them into society because they are already too far gone down the evolutionary time warp backwards!  What am I getting at.  The maternal lineage had sex with each other was likely because no one else would!  Look at the results and look at the behavior!  This really implies that if no one else will have sex with you then your lineage should be ended with you per natural selection and not having sex with a family member!
On the gay issue.  Some little boys might not like growing up in a family where their brothers rape them!  Some little girls might take issue by being raped by brothers or forced to perform sexual acts with sisters.  The human race is a heterosexual race!  That means we can only reproduce by a man having sex with a woman.  And that is where natural selection comes into play.  The mental defects and the belief in sexual acts consistent with asexual reproduction is a step down on the evolutionary scale.  And what you see in that picture is the result.  Of the facial deformities, those are not just big ears, they are reinforced on top where the ear meets the head just like a chimpanzees would appear to be.
I really find it unconscionable that someone wouldn’t be able to understand the relevance of the gay issue in this.
Incest in the Bible:
Lot Sleeping with his Daughters
Caligula of Rome (Italy) Sleeping with his Sister:  How many generations of that has the world faced? (This was at the time of the Bible and he was a Roman Emperor at the same time of Jesus Christ’s lifetime.
Judah sleeping with his sons wife  (Judah the country he was founded after and Israel were two different and separate countries!!!!)
A human being that has a third eye or as the phrase, “The hills have eyes” implies, can see through the eyes of other human beings represents the greatest threat to humanity and world security the planet has ever faced.
And if we are able to diagnose someone as seeing through the eyes of other people as a result of incest then indeed that is not fairness and equality as represented by the United States Constitution!  So we all agree that it is prevalent in the United States.  Like it or not members of this family are second class citizens at best.  And I don’t believe that they can be reformed nor do I believe that the human gene pool should be allowed to be contaminated with regression or de evolution birth defects!
One might think that if they are having sex with each other in the family that the human gene pool would be preserved.  But just the opposite is the case, it leads to mongrels like in the picture above; mixed species!
Now I don’t believe that incest was legal in the United States.  But somehow it became left up to the states!  We need a Constitutional amendment to make it illegal nationwide.  And the picture above tells you why!
Now I have not researched where the offspring of Attila the Hun settled, but I believe some made it to England and Germany.  He raped so many that there are likely genetic deformations present in our population from two people having sex with one another and not realizing they are of the same genetic Attila the Hun gene pool?
Now what if the Skyscrapers had eyes and anytime a human was born that was capable of independent thought the beast of a person sought to defeat them through sexual traumatizing them, getting them hooked on drugs, finding ways to put them into a mental stupor through attrition.  The human race would be defeated!  In effect those who do not have their own soul, as in the picture above need a human mind to serve as there…to borrow a term “Vinculum”  And those Vinculums are put on medicine when they have attained all the necessary education and preliminary work experience necessary to lead a productive human life and support a family!  There have been cases of boys being raised by monkeys in Africa.  They tried to “civilize” them but all the other children were afraid of them because that wild boy would reach out and sexually molest them at every opportunity.  They had to “Do away” with him!  And that is the precursor to gay behavior isn’t it!
One more point on that gay behavior.  You say a gay man can adopt a son?  Does not an adult heterosexual man sometimes find women that are slightly underage attractive?  Yes we do and sometimes it is very hard to tell a woman’s age.  We even have been indoctrinated with the saying, “Never ask a woman her age” to complicate the matter.  But the point that I am making here is the homosexual feels the same way about boys to men doesn’t he!  And this issue becomes ever more relevant because the world over we do not have one single set standard of what age a male and female are allowed to marry and have sex.  In the United States I believe it to be 18.  In Israel per my memory it is 16.  In Yemen girls as young as 9 have been forced to marry men.  So what I am getting at is a homosexual who adopts a son and then has sex with him at age 9 or 16 or whatever because incest is legal?  Now a real man thinks about all of that and finds in unconscionable!  And a woman really has no understanding of the issue from a man’s point of view.  But that would not prevent her from advocating that is should be legal or allowing the conditions precedent for it to occur in just that way from happening!  And I can hear the spoiled girl objecting to all this already and using the argument that I am speaking about anomalous events.  Was it not the “Survivor” winner Richard Hatch who got in trouble for something with his adopted son?  Wasn’t Michael Jackson paying parents to bring children to sleep in his bed.  Which brings up another very interesting and valid point.  Do we really know that children that were put up for adoption did not come from inbreeding?  How do we know?  Do you really want a “Hills have eyes”  or “Wall Street Skyscraper Has Eyes” child living in your community in the United States of America?  Do you want them in a third world country either?  You are walking through that beautiful Australian forest and somehow you find yourself in “Motel h311”
And you know as well as I that members of that family are going to be homesick for the rest of their lives?  Which brings up another point.  What if an inbred race of people developed instead of monkey ears,  great strength (3x more than human) and posed a threat in concurring the rest of humanity?  The first thing that they would be is that they would perform the same vocation as Judas and extort from human beings?  They might even mock the originally meaning of the Tea Party.  The Skyscrapers have eyes and call themselves the Tea Party?  And they are tied right into health insurance aren’t they!  Which brings me back to the Vinculum.  That concept is one of monotheism isn’t it!  That is what it really means.  And one more point.  Let’s say you and your family are out on your little house on the prairie and a group of hills have eyes or skyscrapers have eyes people come and ransack you just like a wandering tribe of gypsies might.  Which brings up another point, why did the real estate industry lobby the President?  Do they engage in mortgage title fraud?  Gypsies taking your house after you are murdered.  The English London Interbank Offer Interest Rate was indeed manipulated and that caused many United States Citizens to lose their homes in the mortgage crisis!  Which brings me back to square one of all this.  England was founded by Rome.  It was a druid nation.  And the druids worshiped the monkey!  Hence is the Bible used in a Druid fashion in order to manipulate human beings?  It was “Translated” by an English King.  They also destroyed all the literature from the Island of Man AKA Ireland!  The Irish saved the Bible in the first place.  That Druid fashion would be the unconscionable act of Roman (again Roman Italian) Catholic Priests Sexually victimizing boys.  Now if the trend of Gay legalization were to continue that act can be made legal based on the precedents that are being established, with allowing Gay marriage and making sodomy legal in the military.  A real man finds the act of homosexuality to be abhorrent and unconscionable!  The Druid belief was that they would take a man out into the forest and impale him just as Jesus Christ a Jew was in order to divine his future!  And I believe it was Allister Crowley who told Adolf Hitler that wealthy English Bankers sacrificed children.  So there is your Skyscrapers Have Eyes!
And I am not anti-Semitic because I know that some Jews are victimized by hearing voices in their heads and labeled schizophrenic too.  It is medical fraud.  The symptoms are real and horrific for the victims but those voices are coming from the people of “The Hills Have Eyes” and “The Skyscrapers Have Eyes” too.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 02 25 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Now as you look at that picture of those two at the link on top and you see the nature of how they lived; basically isolated like a Commune!  That is what Communism would have done to the world and that is why we fought it.  But in effect the United States allied with Communist Russia during WWII.  And it comes full circle because the idea of communism was where people like that could live and be happy together because no one else could put up with their bad behavior!

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