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Monday, February 24, 2014

Word of the day 02 24 2014

Word of the day 02 24 2014

Mongrel from old English Gemong.

It means a person of mixed breed (breed can be considered species as human beings are defined to have human reason and human conscience.

An animal that appears to be of incongruous mixture.  (incongruous means that they don't go together)

It also means:

Peoples of mixed race.

A deviant from the norm.

That word Gemong looks an awful lot like the word German!

That explains a lot of world history right there and why some of us hear voices in our heads.

Gingis Kahn and the mongrel hoards.  It is stated that many have his genes because he raped so many women!

That is who Satan would be.  Would the eyes that slant upwards at the corners?

Aspergers, Autism, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, they likely all have this gene?

This has likely been the thread that has caused all of the violence in world history!

And everyone who suffers from the taunting voices in their heads would indeed state that they come from mongrel like beings!

It doesn't think its own thoughts!  Or as Jesus Christ stated, "They know not what they do!"

Thomas Paul Murphy
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