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Friday, February 28, 2014

How did eels get in Irish Lakes 02 28 2014

How did eels get in Irish Lakes 02 28 2014

Are the eels in Irish Lakes native to Ireland?  It would take someone with more of a scientific background that me to figure that out.

But the other night I was doing a search of Irish Lakes in order to determine what type of game fish they had in them.  And the search results came up that there were eels in one of the largest lakes.

And perhaps I am ignorant.  Maybe they are a delicacy to some.  But I still have to wonder what they are doing there.

And I also wonder why the fish in our Lakes in the United States are filled with Mercury.  But we very well know the reason why!  From air pollution.  So it was caused by man.

Where they eels put in those lakes to dissuade people from swimming and enjoying water sports?  If so the only people who would have had that motive would have been the English.

So I ask the question, is England to blame for the Mercury in our Fish, Water and Air today?

Maybe there is something to my question and maybe there isn't.

And after Jesus Christ was baptized in water he wasn't so smart was he!  I know that swimming in water defeats the person in the water from any form of demonic possession!  So did the English put the Eels in there so that the Irish would not swim and also defeat demonic possession?  The question also works the other way around to.  If you put someone in water that demonically possesses other human beings do they lose the soul(s) that they stole?

And if King Herod said that he thought Jesus Christ was John the Baptist what is he setting Jesus Christ up for?  He is setting him up to stand side by side next to John the Baptist.  And I believe it was King Herod from Edom the land of those born with red skin who drank from the red pot??? that wanted to kill the last remaining heir to the Hasmonean Dynasty through a baptismal drowning.  Maybe some Jewish Scholars can indeed confirm who the last remaining heir to the Hasmonean Dynasty was?

You would think at some point in Irish History if the eels were native they would have got them all out of there so that the game fish would populate?

And I believe this does indeed bear relevance to the saying, "He is more slippery than a bucket of eels?"  The background to that saying might be more of an insult than we previously believed?

Or did the Irish put them there when the odd English breed stole their land and homes?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And I am not implying they are in all Irish Lakes just that one I read about.  But you do the research for yourself.  One could also ask, "How come the Milwaukee river smells like a toilet and we can't safely go swimming in it."

Or maybe the English saw how much fun the Irish children were having swimming in that lake and dumped large toothed eels in it?  In an effort to help disposes them of their land?

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