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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Andi Dorfman of The Bachelor 02 26 2014

Andi Dorfman of The Bachelor 02 26 2014

To me it looked on the next day after her date with whom I referred to as the Cheesy Bandit.  That she was walking in pain with a limp on her right side and holding her hip.  That is a lot different than all the active sports scenes she was seen in.  Why doesn't she just say he did something demeaning and physically painful on that "Private Room Night"

And why didn't the interviewer as her what happened rather than let her speak in her own words?  Could it even be that she might have needed to see an emergency room doctor?

And the gestalt that the television program was trying to attain was that she was sodomized?

The American Broadcast Company (ABC) should lose its broadcasting license and all of its employees and their DNA lineage barred from being on television ever again!

Up until I saw that private date scene, I thought,this Andi girl has it all!  Class and a strong intellect, high intelligence, pretty face nice figure.  Who in their right mind would put her in that position on network television?  Who would put a young woman in the position of either accepting a key to a room to have sex for the night or not?  That is horrific!

Women should sue that station and the cable television network in a class action suit!  And it really doesn't matter which network you look at!  They have all swapped program and affiliations over time.  And they share one thing in common.  They have helped propagandize that schizophrenia is a mental illness when it is really medical fraud.  The symptoms are real and horrific for the victim however they are actively created in them through demonic possession by the Satanic.  And ask yourself what kind of man would create such a fraud?  It is someone that belongs in the tar pits from ancient history isn't it!  Him and his mother!

Now as I peruse the internet for pictures of Andi I see that she isn't so innocent either.

But that is how I write from an opinion of only watching part of one show of this series last night.

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