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Sunday, February 23, 2014

You’re as dumb as a horse 02 23 2014

You’re as dumb as a horse 02 23 2014

Somehow they convinced the adult American male that he could play a childhood game in order to earn a living!  And that is all that he needed to aspire to be in life!
And when he doesn’t make it because he is not good enough he sits in front of the television every weekend like a spoiled boy!
With all the sense of poor sportsmanship in the world he tries to justify why he wasn’t good enough.  Or to the contrary begrudges the sport by believing that the had as much talent as the players on the field!  He is the perfect candidate for the beer sales that feed the profits of playing a game for a living and indeed cause the mental birth defects whereby his children can legitimately do nothing else for a living!
When the reality is he was duped from the very beginning into believing he could play a game for a living!
Most real men look at professional sports and shake their heads and say, I learned how to play that in grade school and we played it in a more professional manner than they do there!
And it tears the fabric of our freedom that many of the professional athletes are criminals that are never punished!
They added beer to your father’s trough and you are dumb as a horse!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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