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Sunday, February 23, 2014

U.S. Captures Mexico drug kingpin Joaguin "El Chap" Guzman 02 23 2014

U.S. Captures Mexico drug kingpin Joaguin "El Chap" Guzman 02 23 2014

What is interesting about this is that he was capture at 6:40 AM in a high Rise condominium and he was with a man!  The mans name was Carlos Manuel Hoo Ramirez.

So they had likely spent the night together.

Here is a man who commits the unconscionable act of selling drugs that ruin peoples lives and he is also a homosexual?

He was the top supplier of cocaine to the United States!  And it heads right up to California where people pretend to be someone else for a living and get high because they can't really achieve and realize the natural high from self accomplishment but rather from aping other people!  It takes away a sense of validity to the acting profession!  And it also reminds me of Ronald Reagan's ill fated Presidency inaugurated by him proving ARMS for hostages before he had the authority to do so and thereby winning favor with the American public in the voting booths! Who do you want to be today?  Or what do you want to be today?

"El Chap" Ramirez wanted to be a man other than himself didn't he!

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