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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Communism was Concentration Camps 02 26 2014

Communism was Concentration Camps 02 26 2014

The threads on the Soviet Rifle Mosin Nagant were British Style threads!

Communism was no different than Nazi Germany!  They were forced to work as slave labor in both China and Russia.  They were forced to work until there was no cartilage between their bones.

FDR tried to give the United States the same principle, that is a violation of our Constitution, "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry!"

I know what you are saying, "It was prison labor in China that was forced to work."  That may be true but what is also true is that they arrest a person for little or no reason.  Just like they want to do in the United States today in Wisconsin, If three people don't like you or believe you are behaving oddly they can have you taken away.

And that is illegal search and seizure and felony fraudulent arrest in some cases.

So how does a Russian Rifle come to have British threads on the barrel?  How do soldiers in Vietnam come to use a rifle that fires bullets that don't kill?  How does the Irish Republican Army and also those fighting illegal sales of alcohol during Prohibition come to have defective Thompson Machine Guns?

Imperialist English from the Roman Empire enslaved those in Russia, China.  They also brought conditions precedent to enslave United States human beings!

I also believe that when we called for the Berlin Wall to come down, (I included), that the United States experienced an inflow of those of the Satanic mindset!  And that is shaping politics here today.  The Confederate War was a War against the Satanic who were backed by England.  But also WWII brought us widespread granting of limited liability to corporate management and medical fraud in the United States!  And those crying overgrown spoiled Diva's on the Football, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer fields are what we have to show for it!  They are mindless freaks prone to criminal behavior!

The point being is that those whose countries didn't know what to do with were the equivalent of those who controlled the nations of the world then and now.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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