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Sunday, February 23, 2014

We are not to be believed 02 22 2014

We are not to be believed 02 22 2014
1.       8.5% of Americans are alcoholics
3.       Human trafficking and prostitution are common today in fact Milwaukee was stated to be known nationwide for it!
4.       Big tobacco lied to you denying it caused cancer for decades on end.
5.       The mortgage fraud in the United States was created by a ponzie scheme whereby the London interest rate was MANIPULATED!
6.       Bullying in schools is epidemic!
7.       Church sexual abuse of children should have been non existent but we only learned now through the bravery of the victims it wasn’t!
8.       There was Sex Abuse in the Boy Scouts!
9.       Pedophiles are adults that enjoy sexually victimizing children and they walk among us!
10.   Autism is said to be at epidemic levels!
11.   20% of Americans have dyslexia, (I know it is birth defect to the hippocampus related to alcohol!)
12.   Pharmaceutical companies produce drugs that kill 30,000 a year and there is no justice for those killed!
13.   The majority of Americans can’t give you the same reason why we are in Syria or Egypt!  And the television does not make good on the opportunity to clarify that!
14.   30,000 cases of sexual assault in the military every year or cumulative- it doesn’t make any difference in terms of analysis- because it is a place where personal discipline and integrity are to be paramount!
15.   People are murdered by those who drink alcohol and drive and they do not go to jail.  You have to remember that when FDR repealed Prohibition we had the model T and not everyone could afford them and they did not go as fast!  That is something that needs to be reconsidered in light of industrial developments and improvements!  It wasn’t an issue then!
16.   The U.S. Government snooped on foreign countries and directly violated the United States Constitution to do so to the point that Europe is revolting against the United States and seeks an internet separate from us. (Do you know what that will do to the value of your United States Abraham Lincoln denominated currency?
17.   Obama is allowing banks to in effect launder drug money without facing racketeering charges.
18.   A person who smokes cigarettes is 13 x more likely to die of Emphysema and 3x more likely to die from Parkinson’s.
19.   Homosexuals claim to be 10% of the population and want marriage rights, (de-facto believing in A-sexual reproduction in a heterosexual species!)
20.   By law we have to pay for health insurance in the U.S. so in order to see a Doctor we have to pay a protection racket!
21.   Aide’s patients that lack human immunity and can infect the rest of us walk freely among us!
22.   Professional athletes commit crime after crime and still keep their million dollar “jobs?”
23.    30% of men and women that tell each other that they love each other when they get married end in divorce!
24.   Crimes that would seem humanly unconscionable occur everyday!  Child sexual victimization in foster care homes and they are told it is normal to be done to them!  It is so bad that there is a market created for the videos of that!
25.   FDR Charles Van Hise Eugenics stated, “One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry!”  That philosophy is the exact opposite of the one that gave the United States its freedom in the first place, “Give me liberty or give me death!”  Liberty meant freedom from tyranny!  Eleanor Roosevelt FDR’s wife was a Lesbian.   Doesn’t she resemble a lot of nuns from the Catholic Church!  If the public had known of this before the election would they have voted for FDR; knowing that his marriage was just a political façade backing an ill imperialist agenda for the United States?
Who was normal all their lives and did not know of the bad people behind the above items?  And yet when someone states that they are being harassed in subtle ways that are not to be believed!  When a human being that is mentally healthy and normal up until the age they complete their college degree and then finds gainful employment starts hearing voices in their heads that are not of their own thinking they are not to be believed when they make that assertion???  With all of those bad people listed above the human being is not to be believed.  Doesn’t it remind you a little bit of a Western where the Mexican bandits wait until the farmers make their harvest and then they roll into town with whiskey bottles in their mouths and guns firing to take it from them?  Those who followed the rules and worked hard for a living?  To attain a better social status and life?  They are not to be believed when they read the Bible and state that is the living Satan that is causing human beings to hear voices in their heads to the point of attrition mental illness and lifetime disability!
Now there is a great difference between someone good hearing voices in their heads from the mentally defective and someone good cursing the corruption and injustice in the world because it goes on unmitigated!  I mean a 5 year old child could turn on the television set and become angry as h311 by what he see’s allowed to happen!!!  Is he Satan?  No!  Because he is attacking Satan, evil, corruption and injustice.  However what if he were trained to attack the mind of a normal and healthy human being?  What if he were recruited to be one of the seven heads of the hydra mentioned in the Book of Mark or the book of Matthew?  Then he is indeed Satan!  What if a child is abused and threatened by an abuser and curses that abuser?  Is he satan?  No he isn’t!  In fact it can be declared that Satan as a vacant minded adult incited that activity in order to fill the void in his soul!  To defeat its soullessness by making a human being angry at it!  Whereby it just sits back and soaks it up!  It relishes in the energy it took from that human being!  It lays gleefully like a lion with a full belly because it has made a connection to a human being child and their soul!  And yet that child is not to be believed is it!  Nor is the adult who faces that that same mind imprint not through human love but of hatred for the beast!  No one like that should be allowed to be in control of human beings in any way shape or form!
And what if there was a beast of a person that roused from its sleepiness anytime anyone who had their own mind and ability for independent thought started to think!  That would put an end to the human race wouldn’t it, if it were allowed to go on!
And were slaves brought to the United States in order to defeat American Freedom?  The Southerner just beat the h311 out of them to control them and then unleashed them on the North after the civil war.  Knowing far and well that they would destroy all sense of human patience?  But the beast would enjoy every moment of that wouldn’t it!  And the beast has a whole different set of rules that it lives by than the human being does!  In effect it would take great delight as a white human beings mind was attacked and overwhelmed by black people that it had made mindless and who would do anything for money knowing who lives by their own set of violent rules and therefore really controls their fate?
That is the way that I see it today in the United States today.  And Downs Syndrome children, ausbergers, Autism, Fetal alcohol syndrome, those too are tools of the beast!  And how do we know that Confederate Southerner was the beast all along?  Because it is humanly unconscionable to enslave human beings; and it did!  None of those four groups are disabled because they never had ability in the first place!  How can you be disabled if you never had ability?  Now the English will try and change the language and terminology to wiggle (slither) out of the meaning of that verb won’t they!
Now if none of the above can truly form their own human soul because of a birth defect to the brain that means that whatever semblance of human soul they attain while a human being is made to hear voices in their heads is indeed a temporal and true split personality!  Whereas the Human Being that hears voices in their heads does not have a split personality at all as is indicated by the term schizo (split) phrenia (mind).  There mind is not split!  But it is indeed like a giant log they are taking turns with an axe on isn’t it!  So that is indeed the motivation of the Republican Party and their mode!  In order to defeat the minds of the free first and foremost they would infiltrate the very party that was formed to defeat slavery; the Republican Party!  And the founders of the Republican Party believed that mental slavery existed too!  So once they got that going they then sought to repeal Prohibition so that no one would look on them and see them for what they are because they would be too dumbed down to figure it out!  One Roosevelt was a Republican and the other a Democrat and they both came from the same drug money family lineage!  So it isn’t a matter of political party today anymore!
I can’t imagine the living h3ll you created for yourself and your children by subjecting them to the thoughts of a human being!  But I can gauge how much of a h3ll it is for you by your hatred of human beings and human thought!  We can all gauge what a living h3ll it is for you by the living h3ll you create for human beings by defeating their minds through the attrition of the interjective meaninglessness of the brain of the beast! That isn’t Progress it is De- Evolution!  One person is reality and the other is the embodiment of hatred towards human reality!
Instead of having the want to be all that someone else has worked for and attained wouldn’t you be better off and the rest of us better off if your basic needs were met and human beings were allowed to live in freedom!

We are not to be believed and yet those 25 groups of people listed above are to be believed????

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 02 23 2014 at:

Everything that the Schizophrenic states is 100 percent true, however that which cannot be true is indeed a imprinted fabrication of the beast upon the mind of the human being through attrition and demonic possession!

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