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Friday, February 28, 2014

No Guns Allowed on this Property 02 28 2014 Subtitled FAC

No Guns Allowed on this Property 02 28 2014 Subtitled FAC

A lot of the places that have these signs are indeed public properties!  And public properties below to the public; the taxpayer.  So I don’t see how you can tell the taxpayer what he can or cannot do on his own property!  You cannot tell the taxpayer that he does not have his second amendment right to take a weapon on a public property.

Now I want to get into the issue of Corporate America.  A Corporation has been defined to be a person.  A human being, a person, has a human conscience and human reason!  So can we make the corollary of logic based on premise that that which would define something that can never be a person to be a person might not be a person themselves!  That is how I think.  It has to do with watching how people behave; and that is a whole field of psychology called behaviorists.

So the point becomes; we have our banking corporations loaning our currency to other corporations and neither of them are real people; they can never be!  That is reality!  So when the taxpayer of the United States bailed out the largest banks during the mortgage fraud it really means that the taxpayer in effect owns a piece of every corporation in the United States.  Now the right to not be subjected to illegal search and seizure applies to human beings and not fictional entities created on paper.   Hence this means that all corporate property that was financed through corporate lending is really indeed public property!  And hence because it is public property the taxpayer has the right to go there!  They also have the right to take a firearm with them per their Constitutional right!

And I know what you want to say those that are disabled no longer pay any taxes!  And the media really likes to trump this one and put fear in the hearts of Americans by boasting who pays taxes and who doesn’t! 

“Those that are disabled pay no taxes?” Son you are dead wrong; those that are disabled paid the greatest tax one can to their country.

Contrast must be made between those who were disabled and once had ability and those that never had ability and therefore cannot have been disabled.  They are instead defective.

Now I am getting a little off topic here.  But someone stated that to pay for health insurance for their family it costs $12,000.oo a year.  I am 47 years old!  That means it cost me, well let’s just apply the whole amount to me because being a man I would be the head of the household…. 47 years at $12,000 a year comes out to be $564,000.oo dollars!  Now I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that I have never needed $564,000.oo of health care services in my life!  Why because I am a lot smarter than that!  So you know what I want?  I want that money!  I want that $564,000.oo and I want a rebate for that amount today!  Now this brings up another issue that I have written about before.  Who needs all that healthcare?  Where does all that risk come into our economy from?  It comes from drunken drivers?  I don’t drink!  I don’t even believe it is constitutionally legal to sell or give someone an addictive substance.  And in the morning paper today it told who I believe it was 30,000,000 (that reads 30 million) prescriptions for narcotics were filled by those who were not Doctors themselves!  Somehow they expanded the rights so that those who were not Doctors but were close to them in the profession could prescribe narcotics!  To me that read’s like the 5417 kid stole the pad of Doctors Stationary Prescription form paper and started selling drugs!  Now let me ask you this!  What happens when they prescribe something and a person dies from it?  How can that person who was not a Doctor be protected from liability?  How can that Health Care “business” be protected from liability?  It doesn’t make sense to me!  It doesn’t add up!  I don’t get it!  And people have hated me all my life because “I don’t get stuff like that,” and ask questions!

So if we indeed got our health insurance rebate money from Corporate America we wouldn’t be taking money from people because they have defined themselves as not being people!  A five year old can figure that out!  But once their parents tell them how to explain it to the contrary they don’t know it anymore do they!


So what happens when all of us that have our own human conscience and human reason are gone?  The Bible tells us that God created the world for man!  And that man was created in the image of God.  It would seem to me that there would be some kind of metaphysical imbalance then implied?

But more to the point what would happen if all those that did not have their own human reason and human conscience died?  What would be the effect?  I started to think of this in philosophical terms.  So bear with this gibberish.  That is a bit of an anomaly isn’t it?  It exists even though it isn’t really one of us.  Which means that its existence must somehow be immortal?  Or it is somehow an immortal counterforce?  Or not?  Do you see the logic?  It exists and yet it does not have a human conscience or human reason,  somehow I lost the point I was trying to make in this one…  But this paragraph provides the basic framework that starts the thought process.

And the Bible again answers this one for me.  The Bible or the Catholic faith states that our bodies will be restored and we will be resurrected.  But wait a minute!  The Sadducees didn’t believe in the resurrection but the Pharisees did!  So the Catholic Faith is really the Pharisees?  And hence it is the same as the Orthodox Jewish faith- don’t know for sure about this sentence but I read that somewhere else…….But if you don’t have a human soul, meaning human reason and a human conscience it means that when you die your body is resurrected into an animal.  Hence if all those that did not have their own human soul died they would be resurrected into animals like, bears and wolves and tigers and sharks.  And we would need guns to protect ourselves from them!

So you want to ask me to take medicine?  You want to tell me that there are no side effects whatsoever to taking antipsychotic medicines!  And that is what the psychiatrist will tell every patient.  In fact they don’t like it when you ask questions at all!  I want to tell you something.  I stopped taking medicine when I started vomited blood from taking it!  Do you want to know the date of my last prescription filled for that?  It was September 11 2001 and I was on my way to the Walgreens to buy it when the mall was closed because the World Trade Center had been blown up!  It is medical fraud!  The symptoms are real and horrific to the victims but they are indeed created by other people or those that define themselves as Corporations that really are not people at all.  A corporation can’t smile.  A corporation cannot be your true friend.  What does it amount to?  Making the American people believe that fiction is reality!  Something someone wrote on a legal pad personifying a legal document as a person?  That is a work of fiction!  Our currency wasn’t initially denominated on fictitious beliefs!

People die from that medicine!  So do you know what I believe?  If they ever come for you to put you on it you should protect yourself by using by availing yourself to your second amendment right!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

And I also want to know if women become Lesbians rather than becoming lonely and undesirable spinsters?  Should 2 lesbians be allowed to marry and have the rights of a married man and women?  Do you know what?  I believe they have about the same rights as a man and woman who do not marry for love but for money!  But we cannot sort that man and woman couple out so that means that we don’t step ladder anyone else that falls into that category upwards do we!  But it brings up an interesting point about the families they might have themselves came from!  Did they come from a family of a man and woman that married for money and not for love?  Do you see the tracks in the snow on that one?  It has to do how people assert a narrow belief system learned from a defective family structure?  And I could go on and on about how people like to assert more than they should!  I will go ahead and label them the False Assertion Club.  FAC for short!

Would you believe that some of the stuff that I write makes some people grit their teeth MAD!


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