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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mandate 02 24 2014 Invention Needed

Mandate 02 24 2014

All clothes washing machines should have vents like the drying is vented!  This can be accomplished through a vent that is powered by an electric fan in the vent and also has a damper or baffle that prevents cold air from coming in through the vent.

The intake of the vent should be mounted above the back of the washer until the time comes when vent work is integral to washers!

Background:  That laundry detergent puts out vapors that are a respiratory hazard!  I can notice it and its effects!  Enough people already have asthma and indeed the air quality is bad enough already in the cities, and much worse inside than outside!

Don't ever say that I don't provide the home contractor with the opportunity for work!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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