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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Carbon Dioxide in Drinks 02 26 2014

Carbon Dioxide in Drinks 02 26 2014

Without it would any of us have Kidney Stones?

And when people are autopsied it is stated that many of them have had Kidney Stones but that they did not affect their health.  That is one of the most irresponsible concepts in medicine that has ever been put forth!  It really invalidates the credibility of the entire medical community!

The carbonated beverages are soda, wine and beer.  You should all be drinking distilled water.

Free Carbon becomes the building base molecule in your body.  Hence once it is separated from Oxygen it attracts calcium to it?  Forming calcium oxalate Kidney stones.  Which brings up another point in that some diseases are stated to only affect one side of the body.  Could a kidney stone on that side of the body cause those problems?  And for example can a father having a kidney stone on the left side of his body cause a son to be born with scoliosis of the spine? Are people given steroid shots in the back for back pain when it is really caused by something else?  Like hemorrhoids or metabolic waste back up and inflammation "spread" from a kidney stone?

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